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Arizona Rattlers to Meet New Teammate

13 February 2018   Eugenia Borodina

A new player for the AZ Rattlers.

A 23-year-old pro football league player Jordan Gehrke officially left the French Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône Cougars to make an astounding homecoming to join the Arizona Rattlers as quarterback.

Jordan Gehrke has joined the Rattlers this season. He is not the only one who has appeared in the club lately - Verlon Reed Jr. and Tyler Johnson will pit themselves against the former Scottsdale Community College quarterback. 

According to the statistics at, Reed Jr. boasts with the IFL Rookie of the Year title; the athlete from the Ohio State University performed 2.734 yards of passes and 54 touchdowns during his play for the Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles. Johnson, the other tenderfoot in the squad, had been playing for the Jacksonville Sharks before he emerged in the Rattlers.

Gehrke graduated from a high school in 2012. He started his football career within the Scottsdale Community College’s team, where he excelled with an amazing 355.2-yards-a-game result during his first year. Having been an AFL player for a while, he now decided to essay his powers in the indoor game with Rattlers after leaving Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône Cougars where he’d been playing for 3 months. "It was a great experience over there," Gehrke commented. "I learned a lot over there."

Jordan will have to pass a serious reality check since the AFL differs a lot both in the size of the field and in the roster (20-man rosters against 53-man rosters).  

"It's a new game, so I'm kind of transitioning right now," Gehrke said. "But everything has been going well. I think I'm picking up quick, learning the offense, the new verbiage, new terminology."

Nevertheless, the tyros of Kevin Guy’s team may be confident as Steve Axman, the college coach, was hired to improve the offensive side and to brief on the indoor football distinctions.

"The world of indoor football is certainly different. Not so much as a quarterback coach, but more adjusting to needs. The throws have to be real quick. You don't have much err to passing lanes to throw into, and when you do, you have to do it quickly. Defense will pick up your eyes and close in on you quickly. I've got a lot to learn. A lot of studying. Kind of learning on the run,” Steve Axman said.

Stakers informs that the first match of the refreshed Arizona Rattlers will take place on February 25 at Talking Stick Resort Arena - they will meet in the clash with Sioux Falls Storm.