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Montezuma Federals Bring Lots of Homeruns to the Field

02 June 2013   Ron Williams and Lynne LaMaster

It's been a great weekend for baseball in Prescott.

Kids cheered on their favorite players, and got signatures on baseballs. Lots of homeruns were hit. Even the foul balls flew high (one hit a law enforcement vehicle, oops!) Fresh grilled hotdogs were eaten and sodas were gulped on the warm days.

Reporter Ron Williams noted, "Gary Mayberry nearly hit for the cycle in the season opener on Friday for the Montezuma Federals. Gary hit a double, a triple and 2 homeruns to lead the Federals to a 7-4 win over the San Rafael Pacifics. A double header started at noon Saturday at Yavapai College Roughrider Park."

Mayberry1Mayberry hits his first of 2 home runs on Friday. Photo Courtesy of Ron WilliamsUnfortunately, the Federals dropped both of the games on Saturday, although there were some bright spots, according to Federals' Manager Jack Wilson.

"Sometimes the ball doesn't bounce your way. We gave it 100%," Wilson said. "The other team was frustrated at getting really beat bad last night. We showed some excellent stuff. We're still hitting homeruns. It's the small ball I'm concerned about, the bunts and the steals that I want to get mastered. It showed a little bit of our inconsistency on defense, and they took advantage of that. So, we worked on that in between games and recovered from that in the second game. I had a chance to let everybody in my organization pitch today. No matter what the score was, I needed to get a look at them, I needed to get them in a game situation and we accomplished that."

Wilson described the experience in watching a Federals' game. "It's beautiful weather. We're playing a team out of California that came here to win. And we already put a blemish on that. We are probably the youngest team in the league, so to speak, experience-wise. I've got 10 pitchers, and 12 regular players."

Wilson is excited about what this means to the players. "The opportunities are endless. This is a second chance for some of these kids, even a first chance for some. Our ages range from 22-33. Yes, I did come from the Angels for several years, and the Canadian leagues for several years after college baseball, of course. The opportunities for these kids is that scouts can look at our league and realize that it's very competitive, with a lot of talent. If they're looking for a second baseman, maybe they're looking at all four of our teams in the second base area, get online and see their statistics, and maybe pick the best of the four teams."

Wilson explained what to watch for at a Federals' game. "Watch for a lot of homeruns. Our guys can go long. Like I said, we're working on playing the small ball, which is very, very, very important at this level of baseball."

Friday, Federals over San Rafael Pacifics, 7-4

Saturday, San Rafael Pacifics over the Federals, 7-4 and 14-5.

No score for Sunday, yet. 

The Montezuma Federals play on Monday at noon, and have a doubleheader on Tuesday, starting at noon, and then another game at 4. 

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