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Younger Brother Looks to Carry on Family Title

01 July 2017  
Sterling Crawley Leads Saddle Bronc Competition After Third Performance on Friday June 30th, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona. All Photos by: Torrence Dunham

Sterling Crawley Leads Saddle Bronc Competition After Third Performance, Older Brother Won Back-To-Back Titles Few Years Ago

PRESCOTT- Jacobs Crawley showed his talent as a saddle bronc rider just a few years ago, winning back to back titles at the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo. In 2017, Jacobs’ younger brother Sterling took a step at earning the same buckle as his brother-moving into first place in the third performance of the World’s Oldest Rodeo Friday night.

“It’s always cool whenever you have litter baby belt buckles that go together,” Sterling Crawley said following the ride.  “I’d love to add to the collection.”

The horse that has so far brought Crawley to the glory is one he has been yearning to ride for a while, a national rodeo finals horse named “ROPIN’ DREAMS”.
“I finally got on that horse that I have been wanting to get on for a long time,” Crawley said. “He goes to the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) and he’s a world class horse. I’ve been wanting to get on him and what greater place than here.” 
While the audience may believe bucking horses like “ROPIN DREAMS” is trying to get the cowboy off, Crawley says that is not always the case.
“Some of them are just trying to get you off, some of them are just trying to do their job,” Crawley said. “They are just like any other athlete, they know what their job is, they are out there to perform. They are breed to do this. This is what they love doing.”
“It’s just great to get to go work with an animal like that and try to perform to my best ability, try to make them perform to their best ability,” Crawley added. When it works out, it’s just all the more better.”
Both Crawley and the horse performed to the best of their ability with a total score of an 86. However, as what most cowboys face throughout the competition, the ranking can easily drop as competitors come from all over to take the top spot. This is a reality French bareback rider Evan Jayne faced, who took first only to have it be snatched away on the last competitor of the night.
Even without a first place title, Jayne still ranks among the bareback riders at the World’s Oldest Rodeo. 
“Coming here and being one of the top guys in one of the most prestigious rodeos of the summer, that’s pretty cool,” Jayne said following his performance. 

Competing at the Prescott Frontier Days Rodeo is always an enjoyable experience for Jayne and an accomplishment of a childhood goal. 
“Coming from a different country, I used to get sports news when i was sixteen-years-old,” Jayne said. “I was just like ‘Prescott, Arizona, the oldest rodeo, wouldn’t it be awesome to one day move to the United States and compete there’. It’s one of the legends, that rodeo is just legendary.”
Jayne traveled overnight from Greeley, Colorado to be in Prescott on Friday night while Crawley came from British Columbia, Canada to compete at one of the most famous rodeos in the sport. Most competitors make the trip because of the talent in the competition and the quality. 
“The cowboys love coming here,” Jayne said. “Your crowd is awesome, your stock is awesome, you take care of us.”
“Tells you the significance of the rodeo to the cowboy,” Crawley said.
The rodeo performances continue each day through Tuesday July 4th. Tickets can be purchased on the Prescott Frontier Days’ website.