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Prescott Level 4 Girls Rock!

24 June 2010  

Prescott Level 4 girls almost sweep the top 6 all-around places.  Includes video and photo gallery.

day2Sandy beaches, fresh ocean water, temperate water, sunny skies. These are all things that San Diego is known for, and we saw none of it yesterday. We arrived at the YMCA Nationals Gymnastics Competition around 8:30 in the morning, and got back to our hotel room at 11 pm.

We started off with Level 4 Girls first thing in the morning, and the Prescott team rocked the house! For the Level 4 top 6 Child's placements, Prescott took 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th. This is at Nationals, folks!

In order of their All-Around rankings, here is the Prescott team:

  • Veronica Zink, 1st
  • Eliana Armesto, 3rd
  • Brianna Zahorecz, 4th
  • Maleah McCain, 5th
  • Micaela Williman, 6th

And that's all I can tell you about right now, because the YMCANational2010 website doesn't have the scores correctly posted at all levels. But you can keep checking it for yourself on the Meet Results page.

What I can say is that so far the team has done extremely well at all levels. Frequently, the highest level of competition is from their own teammates. There have been several other all-around placements, but I want to be sure I'm correct in my reporting. When we can get a full accounting, we'll post it, but it may not be until next week.

Becca Kepner is a Level 9 gymnast, and had her first competition yesterday, where she ranked 3rd overall. For Level 9 girls, if you do well the first day, you move into semi-finals. Kepner will compete in the semi-finals tonight. Here's a video of her floor routine:


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The only gripe I've heard (and it's been a loud gripe) is about the meet setup, which is disappointing to many of the spectators. Most of the seats are at ground level and people pass in front all the time. Some of the events are so far away that it's almost impossible to even see them, much less take photos. The seats do not go around the entire perimeter of the meet, so there's no chance of getting closer.

Today's Schedule:

Girls Level 8 Competition @ 8:00 AM
Girls Level 5 Competition @ 11:30 AM
Boys Level 4 Competition @ 6:30 PM
Girls Level 9 – Semi Final Competition @ 6:30 PM


Photo Gallery

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