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PHS Offers Statement on Coaching Change

06 September 2018   PHS Principal Mark Goligoski
Coach Cody Collett, left; will replace Coach Michael Gilpin, right.

Coach Cody Collett will be the new head coach of the Prescott High School Badgers.

The Prescott High School administration has completed their investigation of an incident that occurred last week after football practice between an assistant coach and athlete. The assistant coach has resigned and the athlete has completed discipline for his actions. The school administration has stressed that adult employees yelling and swearing at students has never and will never be tolerated in the Prescott Unified School District. This goes against the very nature of the business of educating children. A team culture that has and will allow this is not quickly or easily reversed and shows a philosophical rift from the vision of the district. The notion of ¨Every Child, Every Day" is not an optional or negotiable part of the culture in PUSD.

Michael Gilpin has also resigned his position as head coach. He shared, "Prescott Community: I have decided to resign from the position of Head Football Coach at Prescott High School. I do not come to this decision easily. There are many amazing young men and families associated with the program that I feel I am letting down by resigning. It is my hope that the current division in the program will be melded into a cohesive team by me leaving. While I will not shoulder all the blame for the division, as Head Coach, I will accept all the responsibility. I would like to thank PUSD for giving me the opportunity to lead this program for two wonderful seasons. Sharing blood, sweat and tears with these young Badgers, watching them grow into young men before my eyes ... seeing their faces grow with pride when we won ... that makes everything worth the trip."

Cody Collett will assume Head Coaching duties for the remainder of the season. He is an experienced high school football coach who has extensive knowledge of the PHS program. Coach Collett is committed to unifying the team and keeping the team focused on respecting high standards on and off the field.