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Prescott High School Girl’s Soccer Moving On After Impressive Victory

02 February 2017  
Badgers junior Mikayla Sell celebrates with senior Katie Townsend and junior Audrey Lockling after scoring a goal against Moon Valley in round one of the 2016-2017 AIA Girls Soccer State Playoffs at Prescott High School on Wednesday February 1st, 2017 in Prescott, Arizona All photos by: Torrence Dunham
Badgers junior Mikayla Sell Achieves Hat Trick in Badgers' Round One Playoff Win
PRESCOTT- After playing two “home” games on the road because snowy conditions made the field at Prescott High School unplayable, the fans and players were able to celebrate the seniors on senior night Wednesday with a 5-0 win against Moon Valley in round one of the AIA Girls Soccer Arizona State Championships.

“I think we played really well as a team,” Badgers junior Mikayla Sell said. “I’m glad we made it this far together and I’m really excited for the upcoming game.”

It didn’t take long for the Badgers to jump on the board, Mikayla Sell picked up her first goal assisted by Lauryn Mayhan in the first four minutes of the game. One minute later, Sell would add onto the Badgers lead with an unassisted score. Just before the end of the first half, Prescott High School would take a commanding 3-0 lead behind a goal from Audrey Lockling assisted by Sell.

The Badgers would add onto their lead in the 65th minute with a goal by senior Katie Townsend as Sell notched her second assist of the game. Just one minute later, Prescott High School would strike again as Sell picked up the hat-trick scoring her third goal of the game and giving the Badgers a comfortable 5-0 lead for the win.

“It pumps you up hard-core when you get just a couple goals and you get in a lead and feel like you can relax and actually play some real soccer,” Badgers senior Paige Campbell said.

While the field was actually playable for the first time in a week, there were still some challenges due to wet conditions and mud as it was clear the field had not fully recovered from the snowstorms.

“It’s been really hard because the last week, week and a half, the fields been covered in ice,” Sell said. “It finally melted and so it’s been wet and slushy and the mud is unbelievable.”

“To overcome the challenges of the field we basically just practiced on it, got used to it over and over again,” Sell continued.

Even with the conditions, the Badgers were able to overcome for the victory and provide an impressive win to the crowd who were on hand to celebrate the team.

Stained with mud soaked jerseys and socks, the Badgers stood on the field and celebrated the seniors with their fellow teammates and parents by holding signs, giving out flowers and watching a video dedicated to their season and the graduating players.

“I’ve definitely had a really hard time with it recently just because I’ve been playing soccer for so long and it’s been my main sport,” said Campbell who mentioned she wouldn’t play in college. “I think I couldn’t have asked to go out a better way because they treat me so well and we’ve grown so close.”

When head coach Carly Laipple took over the program before the 2013-2014 season, her main goal was to build a program the girls wanted to be on.

“Something that I’ve always said is that ten years from now, you’re not going to remember the scores of the games, you’re not going to remember who said what on the field or anything like that but you are going to remember the girls and you’re going to remember those friends,” Laipple said mentioning two former teammates who played with Laipple during her time with the Badgers were in attendance on Wednesday night. “That’s a huge part of my coaching and that’s a huge part of my philosophy is to build the team as a group of girls who are willing to fight for each other first and foremost and then we settle in and we figure out what we need to do to win the games technically.”

“This group of girls, they are so nice,” Laipple continued. “They are just such good kids and they have come together so well.”

While the night had a feeling of goodbye, the Badgers are far from done. The team’s next challenge is a quarterfinal matchup against #11-ranked Sunrise Mountain with a chance at the semi-finals on the line. The Badgers have played the Mustangs earlier in the season, beating Sunrise Mountain 4-1 in early December.

“It’s a matter of settling in and figuring out what we can improve upon based on what we did today (Wednesday),” Laipple said. “We always have stuff that we can improve upon and I think that we could connect passes a lot better in the next game and so we are going to work on that.”

The #3-seeded Badgers (14-4-2, 5-1 section) take on #11-seeded Sunrise Mountain (13-3-2, 5-0 section) at 2pm on Saturday at Prescott High School.