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Yavapai County Fair Happenings: Small Stock Jackpot Show

27 January 2019  

Small Stock Jackpot Show

This Yavapai County Fair podcast has some special guests today. Piper and Christopher are both participants in the Youth Livestock program, and they’re here to tell us about their small stock - aka chickens, cavies, rabbits and much more. 

They are accompanied by Jocelyn Sultz, the Superintendent of the Small Stock for the Yavapai County Fair.

"Small stock is everything little. You have rabbits, turkeys, chickens, geese, waterfowl, exotics like peacocks, cavies, which are actually guinea pigs - all the little animals that are known as small stock for the Fair."

Listen in as Piper and Christopher talk about their small stock and learn more about the Small Stock Jackpot show that is coming up in March.

Jackpot shows mean the exhibitors win prize money instead of participating in an auction. 

Jackpot shows are a great opportunity because it allows the youth to observe other showmen and practice the showmanship techniques. 

Small Stock Jackpot Show

April 6
Open to all youth, ages 5-18
Covers Showmanship and Conformation
Before March 15: $6 entry
After March 15: $7 entry

Note: The date in the podcast is March 23, but that has been changed to April 6. 



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