Today: Jul 11 , 2020

Prescott Night Out’s San Martin Rodriguez is joined by Tucker & the Beard.

It’s a new brand of Whiskey, and there will be a taste-testing in Prescott, on Whiskey Row, of course. 

It’s Laura Markey of the Center for Physical Excellence!

Events: Beer Week Total Tap Takeover

This weekend's events seem to be based around Beer Week Total Tap Takeover. 

San Martin Rodriguez sits down with Ken Lain to talk events, Monster trucks and gardening, of course. 

Prescott Night Out: Sangria Social

So, today, San Martin goes on a hunt at the Forest Villas Hotel Sangria Social taking time to meet those in attendance. 

It’s a great time to live in Prescott, Arizona!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and that means LOTS to do. 

Lots to do this weekend in the Quad Cities area.

Plan Your Weekend

Lots to do this weekend. And the activities spill over into the first of the week!

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