Today: Feb 16 , 2019

Bill's Daily Roundup: Fire Danger, Bridge Work, More

Fire season is here, and it's important that we take care to preserve our forests and natural habitats.

billforestfireBridge work is taking place in Yavapai County. According to the County Public Works Department, today and tomorrow crews will be performing maintenance and repairs on the Wet Beaver Creek Bridge in Lake Montezuma. Work is occurring from 7 am to 7 pm each day. Minor traffic delays are expected as one lane of traffic will be maintained during the work. On Monday, crews will perform maintenance and repairs on the Miller Creek Bridge on Oregon Avenue in Prescott. During daytime work hours, traffic will be maintained throughout construction on one lane across the bridge using flaggers and minor traffic delays are expected. Both lanes of the bridge will be open to traffic during non-working hours.

Traffic stops have resulted in arrests for DUI. A Cottonwood Police Department Patrol Sergeant driving southbound on Zalesky Road had to abruptly pull off to the side to avoid being hit by an oncoming vehicle. The Sergeant was able to turn around, but the driver accelerated and did not stop reaching speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour in 25 mile per hour zones. The vehicle finally pulled over at a residence near the 4000 block of Garden Lane and the driver, 42 year old Arnold Baker was taken into custody for DUI and felony flight. Late last month, Prescott Police Sergeant Chad Slocum performed a traffic stop on a semi-truck that had been reported stolen in the Albertson's parking lot on East Sheldon Street. Fifty year old Daniel Turner told police the keys were inside the truck, so he took it from Prescott Rental. In addition to DUI charges, Turner was booked for burglary, criminal damage and unlawful use of means of transportation.

The Prescott Preservation Commission will consider 2 requests from the Elks Opera House at 8 tomorrow morning. The requests involve the replacement of polyvinyl inserts in existing cabinet signs in the front elevation of the professional offices of the Theatre building on East Gurley Street. Both signs have blue backgrounds with white lettering to display the names of Sun Mountain I.T. and McCain 2010. The meeting will be held in Council chambers on South Cortez Street. At 9:30 in Council chambers, the Prescott Water Issues Committee will meet to hear a presentation by Susan Fitch of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality on water quality.

An arrest has been made following the theft of a safe. According to Prescott Police, last month 32 year old John Kneafsy, Jr. was arrested for removing a safe containing cash and checks from the Prescott House on North Arizona Avenue. Kneafsy was stopped on East Highway 69 for having no brake lights and the safe was located in the back seat of the vehicle. The safe was found in poor, damaged condition, as if someone had tried to force it open. The electronic key pad to open the safe had been removed and there was a white powdery substance coming from the safe that matched a similar substance found at the crime scene. A representative of Prscott House told Police he knew Kneafsy, since he was a rehab client from October 2006 to June 2007 and August 2007 to January 2008. The suspect has been charged with possession of stolen property and burglary tools, burglary, theft and criminal damage.

According to the National Weather Service, preparedness is the key to surviving wildfires. Officials indicate residents can take action ahead of time by clearing brush at least 30 feet away from homes and trim tree branches away from chimneys and electrical lines. Roof eaves and undersides of decks should be enclosed with fire resistant materials and a home evacuation plan should be developed for residents who may need to leave their homes in an emergency. Central Yavapai Fire District Assistant Fire Chief Charlie Cook explains people need to be cautious even though there are no fire restrictions in place and the weather has helped lessen the fire danger:

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National Weather Service officials add weather plays a key role in the growth and vitality of wildfires. Persistent drought conditions and summertime heat waves significantly dry and prime the forest for severe wildfires. Seasonal monsoons move into areas during the summer months and with them comes an increased threat of lightning storms. Lightning starts many wildfires, but humans are still the number one cause of those fires due to carelessness or intentional actions.

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