Today: Feb 16 , 2019

Bill's Daily Roundup: Lightning Tips, New Role for Joe Howard

Thunderstorms will be coming soon, and Bill brings some safety tips from the National Weather Service; PANT drug arrests and a new Asst. Superintendent for PUSD.

bill_lightningThe National Weather Service is offering some lightning safety tips. Representatives note every thunderstorm produces one or more bolts of lightning and this hazard kills 1 or 2 Arizona residents each year, and as many as 15 people are injured. Being indoors is the only safe place to be during a thunderstorm, but for those who can't get indoors, a hard topped vehicle with the windows rolled up is the next best choice. In either case, stay away from interior metallic objects. These metal conductors will carry electricity safely to the ground in the event of a lightning strike. The National Weather Service, in partnership with the State of Arizona and the Emergency Management Community, has designated this week as Monsoon Awareness Week. The monsoon season officially runs from June 15th through September 30th.

The Transit Technical Advisory Committee meets at 8 tomorrow morning. Consideration items include the fiscal years 2011 to 2015 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program, the Fiscal Year 2011 Unified Planning Work Program and an interview panel for the Transit Development Coordinator position. This position is currently posted on the Yavapai County website as a temporary 2 year position with no assurance of employment at the end of that time. The annual salary is more than 54 thousand dollars. The Multi-Modal Technical Advisory Committee discussed both programs last week and voted to forward them to the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization Executive Board for approval. The meeting will be held at Prescott Valley Town Hall, Room 433 on Civic Circle.

Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking has been busy with drug arrests. An 8 month investigation has resulted in the arrests of 45 year old Prescott resident Leonard Guzman and 26 year old Chino Valley resident Julie Ann Krewsky for various drug offenses in Prescott Valley. Seven grams of heroin individually packaged for sale were seized during the arrests. Last month, officers served a search warrant in the 4400 block of Morgan Trail in Chino Valley. Twenty pounds of packaged marijuana, nearly 2 dozen marijuana plants and food products made from marijuana with a street value of 60 thousand dollars were seized along with 55 thousand dollars in U.S. currency. 62 year old William Kerbstat was arrested on possession charges.
In Prescott, an ongoing investigation has resulted in the arrest of Shawn Petrie on possession charges. 5.5 grams of methamphetamine and 14.5 grams of marijuana were discovered in his Virginia Street residence.

The Prescott Planning and Zoning Commission may make a change in the Hearing Officer process. During its meeting last week, the Unified Development Code Committee discussed a proposal to expand that process, as an alternate to prosecution by the Legal Department as a mechanism for enforcing other City Codes. Staff has proposed to include the whole of the City Code within the parameters of the new option. Doing so would allow unrestricted violations of the Land Development Code, the Building Codes, Fire Code and other Code Sections. Planning and Zoning Commission discussion of this expansion starts at 9 tomorrow morning in City Council chambers.

The Prescott Unified School District has a new Assistant Superintendent. During its meeting last night, the District Governing Board approved the selection of 7 year Mile High Middle School Principal Joe Howard to that position. Howard was the choice of new Superintendent David Smucker, who interviewed Howard, Assistant High School Principal Jim Wells, Granite Mountain Middle School Principal Stephanie Hillig and High School Principal Totsie McCraley. Howard explains his first task will involve formation of a committee to select his replacement:

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The Board also postponed decisions until on the Prime Choice Employer Post Retirement Benefit Plan and a policy on the termination of the benefit on the purchase of health insurance by employees upon separation from the District.

A mountain lion has been suspected in the attack of a Prescott man, but a search has come up empty. On Monday morning, Arizona Game and Fish received a call regarding an alleged lion attack in the Snow Drift Mine area in Walker. Thirty year old Andy Bell claims he was outside just after dark Sunday when he heard some rustling in the bushes. When he thought he saw the lion, Bell ran for his home. Spokesman Zen Mocarski says it's hard to determine what might have happened:

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Bell claims he was attacked from behind hear his truck and believes the cat hit its head on the back of the truck. He rolled underneath and when he looked out, the mountain lion had fled. It has not been located.

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