Today: Oct 17 , 2019

Whipstone Farm: It's About the Dahlias

Harvest moon, Friday the 13th and dahlias.

Whipstone Farms: Thanksgiving Market

Prescott Farmers Market takes place on Sunday this week.

Whipstone Farms: The Garlic Cycle

Our fall to do list is long. But we made some serious headway this week.

Whipstone Farm: Warm Sunny Days, Morning Nip

It’s Labor Day Weekend. Lots of tomatoes.

Whipstone Farms: Change in Weather

So much goes on in a week.  Does everybody feel this way or is it just the craziness around here?

Whipstone Farms: Tomatoes, Potatoes and More

The rain felt like the most glorious thing ever!

Whipstone Farms & Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are in!