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Mt. Vernon Street Celebrates Halloween

01 November 2019  

The annual Mt. Vernon Street Halloween celebration.

For as many years as yours truly can remember, a Halloween tradition in Prescott has been the Mt. Vernon Street candy crawl. This year was no exception. Residents of Mt. Vernon St. decorated their homes and hosted a thousand or more trick or treaters of all ages from early evening ‘til dark.

Police blocked off Mt. Vernon Street, lined with old trees and historic homes, from Sheldon Street to Carlton Avenue as costumed children knocked on doors with the cry of “trick or treat”. Two Mt. Vernon Street residents, Rep. Noel Campbell and his wife, Mary Beth, celebrated the event with a house party for neighbors and friends. The price of admission: a bag of candy.

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Concentrating Prescott’s celebration of Halloween on Mt. Vernon Street has proved popular with trick or treaters and their parents alike. The kids bag more candy per block. Welcoming homes and adult supervision allow the Halloween tradition to be observed with safety and fun.

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The costumes may have changed over the years, with clowns and Flash Gordon giving way to Darth Vader, Harry Potter, and video game characters, but the Halloween tradition lives on in Everyone’s Home Town.

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