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Uncle Bud's BBQ and Cajun Food

29 August 2019   Shawn Shipley

A new restaurant featuring Cajun-style food has opened in Prescott.

Hi y'all. The Rev is Back! I was gone for a bit. I was hanging out, doing Cthulhu's work down in the Bayou, yesireebob. So, I came back with a new appreciation for Cajun Cookin'. But, where can I get some? Why am I asking you guys?

Well, the ole Rev found a place called Uncle Bud's BBQ and Cajun food up near the Fujiyamas in Frontier Village. Now, you know that I like Food, and I know that you know that I like food, and you know that I know that you know... wait, where was I? Oh yeah, Food...

I tried the Gumbo and the Jambalaya. Now, y'all know that i like my spice, like a Wombat loves grapes! These were not spicy, but there was Frank's Red Hot and some other premixed spices hangin' around. The Gumbo was a white chicken Gumbo. It needed something.. Some Vinegar Hot Sauce. That kicked it up a notch! The Jambalaya was tasty with Andouille Sausage, chicken and ham. The rice was great. Overall a pretty decent Jambalaya.

Uncle Buds sauces web.jpg

I also had a Cajun Sausage. This was legit Spicy. Whoooweeee, that was good. Now, I didn't get any of the smoked meats, but they shore nuff smelled great!

So, give the place a try! I'll give it 3 Snouts for what I had. Now, everyone give me a huge "Hail Cthulhu!".