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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: July 9, 2019

09 July 2019  

Council meeting this week!

Agenda Agenda Packet

Not able to attend the Study Session today, so here is the live stream!




A. Presentation on Groundwater Recharge.

Council Memo Printout

B. Presentation of Proposed Water Policy Changes on Water Service Outside of City Limits.

Council Memo Printout


Agenda Agenda Packet

Here is the video of the meeting:




Pastor Jason Price with Prescott Christian Church


Councilwoman Scholl


A. Roll Call


A. Approval of minutes for the June 25, 2019 Executive/Special Session, the June 25, 2019 Study Session and the June 25, 2019 Voting Meeting.

Council Memo Printout

a. June 25, 2019 Special Meeting/Executive Session

b. June 25, 2019 Study Session

c. June 25, 2019 Voting Meeting

B. Approval of Settlement of Litigation titled Howard L. Mechanic, as Trustee of The Social Justice Charitable Foundation, Dated October 16, 2016, v. The City of Prescott, Yavapai County Superior Court Case No. P-1300-CV201700872.

Council Memo Printout

a. Settlement Agreement

C. Approval of Payment of FY20 League of Arizona Cities and Towns Membership Dues in the Amount of $27,375.00. Funding is available in the General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. League Dues FY20

D. Award of Contract No. 2019-257 for three years for consulting services through Yavapai County School Superintendent (YCSS) for E-Rate services, at a total cost of $6,000 ($2,000.00 for each FY20, FY21 and FY22).

Council Memo Printout

a. Agreement for E-Rate Services

E. Approval of City Contract No. 2019-133A1 with Charlie Pepper, Inc., an amendment to extend the contract for the purchase of sodium chloride (salt) for the Airport Water Reclamation Facility, in an amount not to exceed $50,000.00 annually. Funding is available in the Wastewater Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. Signed and Approved Amendment with City of Chandler

F. Retention of Outside Legal Counsel to Provide General Legal Services not to exceed $50,000.00.

Council Memo Printout

a. MWSW Law Firm Agreement

G. Approve Amendment A1 to City Contract No. 2019-059, to use State Contact ADOC 18-192870 with FX Tactical, LLC., to purchase budgeted duty equipment and uniforms in the estimated amount of $48,000.00 during FY20, which extends the current contract for an additional twelve (12) months from January 19, 2019 through January 18, 2010. The estimated amount of $48,000.00 is comparable to prior year expenditures and is budgeted in the General Fund.

Council Memo Printout

a. State of Arizona Contract ADOC18-192870 - Master Blanket

b. State of Arizona Contract ADOC18-192870 - 6 thru 10

c. State of Arizona Contract ADOC18-192870 - 11 thru 15

d. State of Arizona Contract ADOC18-192870 - 16 thru 17

e. City Contract No. 2019-059A1, State Purchase Order

f. ValuePoint Blank Enterprises Master Agreement, Executed March 25. 2016

H. Approval for the City of Prescott Police Department to Apply for Various FY 2020 Grant Funding Opportunities.

Council Memo Printout

I. Award of City Contract No. 2019-260 to Lucity, Inc., for asset management software system annual technical support and maintenance, in the amount of $35,800.15. Funding is available in various funds.

Council Memo Printout

a. City Contract No. 2019-260 - Lucity, LLC Invoice

J. Accept Bid of $ $34,981.00 from Manzanita Landscaping to construct an Outdoor Learning Center at the Launch Pad Teen Center as part of the PY18 CDBG Program.

Council Memo Printout

Manzania Landscaping Proposal

b. Landscape Design


A. Adopt Ordinance No. 2019-1675, setting the Fiscal Year 2020 City property tax levies.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1675 FY20 Tax Levy

B. Adopt Resolution No. 2019-1706 Declaring the document titled "Chapter 3-10: Water Conservation Code" a public record, and Ordinance No. 2019-1676 Amending Title III, Chapter 3-10.

Council Memo Printout

a. Ordinance No. 2019-1676

b. Resolution No. 2019-1706

c. Chapter 3-10 Water Conservation Code Redlines

Turf removal is increasing from 25¢ to 50¢. Councilman Goode would like to cap the rain garden rebate per project at $500 and reduce the rebate per square foot at $3. He has a couple of other limitations that he'd like to suggest, too, although he is in support of rebates and incentives.

The plan was based on a federal program. She said that there would be a return of about $8 per sf.

She admits that this rebate has a broader implication of how it affects the City.

Sischka asks about the washer and dryer rebate. He asked about giving a rebate for a new home washer install? Then this $200 incentive may encourage them to purchase a specific kind of washer.

She said that this is to get people excited and involved in the rebate program.

Sischka asked how much it would cost, and would like to have that information. 

Blair agrees that it should be done for old homes, not new homes.

Mayor Pro Tem understands the concerns from Sischka, but is generally in support.

Ok, so this has been amended to:

Capped at $500 per project, $3 per square foot for rain gardens.

The washing machines will be limited to replacement washers, not new home washers, for $200. If someone has a septic tank they will get $250 rebate.

Motion passes unanimously. 

C. Adopt Resolution No. 2019-1714 Declaring as a Public Record the Document Filed with the City Clerk entitled “Privilege and Use Tax Code” and adopt Ordinance No. 2019-1679 amending Title IV, Chapter 4-1.

Council Memo Printout

a. Resolution No. 2019-1714

b. Ordinance No. 2019-1679

c. Privilege and Use Tax Code

This would be an update to the Model City Tax code.

Motion passes unanimously. 

D. Approval of Granite Dells Estates Phases 3 through 5 amendment of Master Plan, General Plan Land Use Map, Rezoning, and revised Preliminary Plat.

Council Memo Printout

a. Aerial Location Map

b. Current Master Plan and Proposed Master Plan pdf

c. Area of General Plan Land Use Map change

d. Area to be rezoned to SF-9

e. Revised Preliminary Plat

There are ultimately a slight reduction in the number of lots - down about 40 lots. There would be higher density in homes, but more of the land is being left as an unsubdivided tract.

This is to meet the market demand - fewer homes. P&Z approved unanimously.

The unsubdivided tract would have to return for water allocation and re-approval if it is approved.

Goode sees it as an opportunity to develop many more homes in a smaller land mass. He thinks it would increase congestion and traffic.

He is also concerned about only 1 in and out for various neighborhoods, which requires sprinklering. "I don't see a good reason to do it," Goode states. 

Mengarelli asks about open space - this proposal allows for about 35% open space.

Motions all pass.

E. Acceptance of Federal Aviation Administration Grant number 3-04-0030-040-2019 in the amount of $807,500.00 and Arizona Department of Transportation matching grant in the amount of $21,250.00 for Design Services of the Taxiway C Relocation, Hot Spot #3 & 4 Mitigation and related improvements.

Council Memo Printout

She is here to ask the Council to accept funds. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson: People only see what they are prepared to see.


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