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Ice Racing in Prescott Valley

04 December 2018   Jonathan Barrett
Jeremy Orr gets low in turn one on his way to a first place finish All photos by Jonathan Barrett

TheWorld Championship Ice Racing Series (WCIRS) came to Prescott Valley for the first time in 29 years on Saturday, December 1st.

Owned and operated by Ken and Kristi Remer after purchasing the 40-year-old series from the Densfords, the WCIRS races all across the nation on a six race season. In their first appearance in Arizona in 29 years, the racing brought massive action to a packed house in the Prescott Valley Event Center.

In the Manufacturers World Cup Bikes, the 2018 Rookie Of The Year Jeremy Orr took the win ahead of 2018 WCIRS Champion Jake Mataya and third place Dustin Paul. They ended the night with a celebratory champagne shower along with their trophy presentation. 

Cassie Fairfield next to her bike during the Pit Party

Cassie Fairfield and her dad Drake take to the ice during opening ceremonies

Jeremy Orr gets low in turn one on his way to a first place finish

Cassie Fairfield races around the ice in her specialized KTM 65cc

Jake Mataya races towards a second place finish

Dustin Paul takes turn four with speed before a third place finish

Jeremy Orr takes his victory lap

Dustin Paul excitedly takes his third place trophy

Jake Mataya takes his second place trophy and champagne

Jeremy Orr takes his first place trophy with a smile

Celebratory champagne finish

In the Unlimited Outlaw Quads, Tyler Allen took the win ahead of defending 2018 champion Daryl Rath, owner of Rath Racing Products and third place Ken Enquest. Along with the big guys, there was a huge race of go-karts that had the crowd cheering the entire time, and a great show of talent by first time ice racer Dakota Hibler of Dirt Halo Racing and young Cassie Fairfield on her KTM 65cc all decked out for ice racing. 

Ken Enquest races toward a third place finish

Daryl Rath slides through turn four

Tyler Allen slides toward a first place finish

Dirt Halo Racing’s Dakota Hibler performs in her very first ice race

Top level view of the quad racing action


Drake Fairfield gives his goggles to a fan after the main event

Tyler Allen, Daryl Rath and Ken Enquest take their trophies

Rath and Allen shower in champagne after the race

The event had a great crowd attendance and was full of action all night. WCIRS goes to Reading, PA next and will continue in the midwest the rest of the season. 

The screws used in ice racing cover the Unlimited Outlaw Quad tires

The pre-show Pit Party

Luke Lang slides through a turn in his go-kart

The series is sponsored by Fly Racing, Rath Racing Products, Kold Kutter Traction Products and TS Signs. 

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