Today: Nov 22 , 2019


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Technical Rescue Training

19 July 2018   Conrad Jackson, Fire Engineer

Quarterly training is occurring this week in the Dells.

Drivers passing through the Granite Dells today through Friday may take note of multiple fire engines and fire personnel in the area and on the cliffs above.  The quarterly training for our regional technical rescue technicians is occurring this week on the cliffs of the Dells.  They will be training on techniques used for high angle rescues, specifically the techniques used to retrieve an injured climber who may be located mid-face on a cliff.  

The technicians are having one person serve as a simulated victim while the remainder of the team sets up appropriate rope systems to deploy a Stoke’s basket to the victim, load the victim into the basket, and then lower the basket to the cliff base safely.  This simulation recreates a scenario that local providers have encountered multiple times over the last few years.  

The training will be conducted over three days in order to facilitate attendance by all of the technicians who hail from the local fire agencies, including Prescott Fire, Central Arizona Fire, and Williamson Valley Fire.