Today: Feb 25 , 2020

Granite Creek Park Fire Started By Youth

08 May 2017   Conrad Jackson, Firefighter

Nearby church members helped contain the Granite Creek Park Fire while waiting for the Fire Department.

Firefighters from Station 72 on 6th Street responded to a wildland fire at the entrance to Granite Creek Park on Sunday morning. Witnesses reported seeing several youth light the fire and then run from the scene. People attending church services nearby grabbed all their available fire extinguishers and tried to douse the fire while another drove down the street to notify firefighters at the station. The responding engine pulled a hoseline and dealt with all the remaining heat in the fire to keep it from spreading further. Police searched for the youth but were unable to locate them.

The fire department would like to point out that there have already been several grass fires this past week in the area. Wildland fire season is already upon us. Drifts of “cotton” from the Cottonwood trees are particularly flammable. Caution should be used with any ignition sources, be that cigarette butts to welding slag. Also worth noting is how to properly notify firefighters of a fire. In this case a person drove to the fire station. While that worked on Sunday, had the firefighters already been on another call it would have created a delay. Please call 9-1-1 for emergencies. The dispatchers know the location of every fire engine in the community and will send the closest unit to the emergency.