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September is National Preparedness Month

02 September 2016   Marcie Slay | Yavapai County Emergency Management
Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today!

September is National Preparedness Month. Sponsored by FEMA, National Preparedness Month aims to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to all types of emergencies.

National Preparedness Month is a time to prepare yourself and those in your care for emergencies and disasters, both large scale and smaller local events. We know that emergencies can happen unexpectedly in communities just like yours, to people like you.

Throughout the month of September we will be posting preparedness information on and on our Facebook page to help you get started.

One easy step to being prepared is making sure you register for emergency alerts. Within Yavapai County you want to register with the Sheriff’s Emergency Notification System (Code Red) at

If you or someone you care for has access and functional needs please fill out this informational form to be listed in the Health Departments database. This database is not shared outside the department and helps response agencies know if someone cannot evacuate on their own:

Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today! Log into and join the nation for National Preparedness Month.

It’s Too Late, When Told To Evacuate!

For more information about being prepared, please contact 928-771-3321 or