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New Residential Burning Permit Policies

06 February 2016   Rick Chase

Residential Burn Permit Changes

Central Yavapai Fire District, Chino Valley Fire District, Prescott Fire Department, Williamson Valley Fire District, Groom Creek Fire District and Walker Fire Protection Association are changing burn permit rules. Residential burn permits will now be issued on an annual basis.

We feel that the decision to move to annual permits will provide for better customer service to our communities. Citizens that apply for burn permits regularly will no longer have to come in every 30 days to reapply. Residential burn permits will be valid from the date of issue through December 31st of that calendar year.

As a reminder, residential permits only allow burning of vegetative materials such as, tree trimmings, weeds, plants and bushes.

Residents can apply on line for a residential burn permit at, or

If a citizen does not have internet access a residential burn permit can be obtained at a local fire station, when the crew is in quarters. Permit holders are required to check each day prior to burning to ensure burning is allowed regardless of the time of year. If burning has been suspended due to weather conditions, a burn permit cannot be obtained or activated online. Rules for burning are on the permits and failure to adhere to the rules may result in the permit being revoked.

We hope that this will provide the community with an easier and timelier way to obtain a permit. For any questions please contact your local fire prevention office.

NOTE: Commercial burn permits will not be part of the extended period and will remain valid for a 30 day or 90 day period. Commercial burn permits will continue to only be issued through your local fire prevention office.