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Prescott Sunrise Lions Club & Local Photographer Team Up for Fundraising

08 October 2015  

Prescott Sunrise Lions Club & Local Photographer Team up for Fundraising Enterprise

Since 1961, The Prescott Sunrise Lions have been active in the Prescott & Quad City Area.

With over 60 members, the Sunrise Lions have contributed to many non profit organizations.  These contributions are funded primarily by the collection and recycling of newspapers with groups of Members meeting twice a week to maintain this major project and ongoing fundraising effort.

For the 2016 Calendar local Prescott photographer, Michael Wilson donated the use of 12 photos with striking landscape vistas.

With over 2500 print editions, the club also added on online version for 2016, and is working to create an app for mobile phone users for the 2017 version.

Long known as “The Guys That Collect Eye Glasses”; Lions International, Local Lions Clubs, and the Prescott Sunrise Lions continue to grow, support and affect change in the lives in our communities.

Through the Prescott Sunrise Lions Club Foundation, the club funnels $75,000.00 annually to local non profits through the use of the Arizona Tax Credit Program, personal gifts, estate planning, and fundraisers.

The Club hopes to raise $15,000.00 through sales of the 2016 events calendar. 

Photographer Michael Wilson grew up in Prescott. 

“After graduating Arizona State University with a degree in Civil Engineering, I returned to Prescott, where I currently live. I think it was my geeky side that drew me to the technical aspects of photography, composition, and post-processing. However, it is the creative and artistic side of photography that has made it a real passion for me. I love to explore new locations throughout Arizona, and I’m a sucker for a beautiful landscape. When creating an image, my goal is to not only photograph the scene, but to capture the way it made me feel.”

The quality of photography, but also the photos selected make it a unique gift for Locals and Tourist alike.

“We intentionally selected photos that were not your run of the mill “Prescott Tourist Shots”.  Instead, Granite Mountain, Watson Lake, The Granite Street Bridge, Winter Sunset at Goldwater Lake and others give viewers a very different view of Prescott”

The calendar is also sponsored by 35 local businesses, and will be available for $10.00 in the middle of October.

Currently, the Prescott Sunrise Lions Club is taking pre-orders via their facebook page, PSR Lions Calendar for a discounted price of $8.00 through Friday, October 18th.

Retail locations and other opportunities to purchase the calendar will be announced shortly.

If you would like to make a contribution to our Foundation, or for more information about Lions programs, or to becoming a member, please contact us via email at: