Today: Jul 08 , 2020

We are off to explore new adventures, which is, oh, so exciting! But it also means we must sell our home. 

Important Steps for Effective Recovery at Home Following Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attack or Other Cardiovascular Condition

The First 72 Hours at Home Are Critical for Post-Hospitalization Patients

One of the Leading Causes of Hospital Readmission or Slow Post-Hospitalization Recovery Is the Lack of Proper Support Following a Hospital Discharge

Smart Home Technology

Every New Year Brings New Technology

The Balanced Care Method: A Purposeful Life

Social Ties, Calmness & Sense of Purpose Contributes to Healthy Longevity

The Balanced Care Method: A Healthy Diet

Because Health-Span Is as Important as Lifespan

Making It Possible to Age in Place

August Single Family Home Sales Spike Year Over Year According to Assessor Pearsall

Bill's Newscast: Chino Valley Fire Claims Home

A Chino Valley home is a total loss after a fire, which started around 5 on Tuesday morning.

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