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Featured Home: Views, Views and More Views

03 March 2018  

We are off to explore new adventures, which is, oh, so exciting! But it also means we must sell our home. 

Seven years ago, I fulfilled a lifelong wish of moving to Prescott, Arizona.

Beautiful Courthouse Plaza.

I had first visited at the age of 15; I was enamored by the picturesque downtown, the many hiking trails and the star-filled night sky.  It took 24 years, but weeks before my 40th birthday we moved into our stunning Santa Fe style home in Williamson Valley.  It had taken months to find a place big enough for our family of five; having two girls six years apart with a boy sandwiched in the middle meant a four bedroom home was a necessity.  As I worked from home, an office space was also a priority; 4840 W Harrier Hawk Way filled every need.  In many ways we are loathe to leave, but will cherish the thousands of wonderful memories made there.  Besides family, we found a few things in particular we all loved:

1.  The Patio, the Porch and the Balcony

A perfect summer night.

Rarely do we eat indoors.  From the patio, no other homes can be seen.  The twelve foot granite boulders stand guard to the south, and spectacular sunsets often dominate the view of Williamson Valley.  The lush trees and bushes explode in colorful flowers as the seasons progress; music from the all-home stereo wafts in the breeze.  


The front porch is my favorite spot during the summer monsoons.  I love the falling rain while snuggled up with a book on a rocking chair outside.

Dramatic storms at sunset, Granite Mountain or children at play; the balcony has provided a million memories.  One summer we inflated an air mattress and slept for weeks outside under the stairs, drinking in the starlight and fresh air.  Being close to Williamson Valley Road one might think traffic noise would be an issue; we found it to be the exception to the rule.  The quiet countryside is more often filled with birdsong than traffic, and summer nights you will often hear coyotes baying at the moon.

2.  The Views

It’s not just views from the outdoor spaces, it’s the views you see from the inside.

Dining in a forest.

Spectacular loft & staircase vistas.

Laundry folding with a view of Tabletop Mt.

Sunrise over Granite Mt as viewed from bed.

No other homes block our views; from our vantage point we see the entire valley.

3.  The Master Suite

The views are spectacular, the balcony with a fireplace spoils you, but the alcoved bed, soaking tub and walk-in closets seal the deal.  The room is so quiet even with three teenagers underfoot; a retreat from the rest of the world.

The aches of the day disappear in the soaking tub!

In the summer, the breeze from the window blows directly across the bed, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

4.  The Efficiency 

We use an average of 100 gallons of propane a month in the winter.  100.  For six adults/teenagers, who shower daily (sometimes twice with sports!) a gas fireplace, gas stove, gas dryer, gas furnace and a 3300 square foot house!   Being set into the hillside, we retain heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer; we average only 3 WEEKS of air conditioner use at the end of June, beginning of July.  The cool night breezes cool the house down into the 60’s at night, and the house stays cool the next day.  Having our own well and septic adds to the savings; our utility bills have never been so low!

5.  Comfort

Whatever the storm, this Home has provided a safe haven for all who have swelled here.  Having an all home stereo allows for soothing music to follow you from room to room (and even outdoors.). The living room gas fireplace offers instant assurance of warmth and coziness; the yard fire pit has hosted many a s’mores making (or wine drinking for the adults.). Neighbors still gather here; we meet quarterly for potlucks.

 Early January bonfire.

The kitchen island is where we gather making dinner; we are all on different schedules but manage to catch up most evenings.  My favorite memories in the kitchen is baking at the holiday’s, and the island overflowing with food to share with friends.  Parties revolve around the kitchen and dining room; we’ve squeezed in more than 40 with overflow onto the patio (and the teenagers entertained in the living room!)

Truly the heart of the home.

As we move on to new adventures (one child is graduating college, one is entering the military and another has started a business!) we leave behind a home that was supremely loved.  We hope you’ll enjoy it’s delights as much as we did!

The cats looking down on their domain:)

Home For Sale: $589,900

4 Bedrooms
2 1/2 Baths
3,350  Square feet
2.16 acre lot

Contact: West USA Realtor Ronald Debenedetta

Katie Cornelius

Katie labels herself a Solutions Engineer; she is the creative powerhouse dedicated to supporting and growing small businesses in the Prescott area.  She spent the past twelve years working in sales training and business coaching, specializing in mom & pop shops.  Currently Katie is on a journey to get healthy after a severe concussion and some personal challenges.  Her corresponding blog, Fitness Quest, relates the quirky issues faced when following a  fitness program.  Finally, you can visit and coment on the Quest on Facebook.


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