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Whiskey Off Road

24 April 2010  

UPDATE: It's the Whiskey Off Road epic adventure - you've gotta come join in the celebration! And we've got an interview with the winner of the 50 Proof race!


Sunday, 9:15 am: the unofficial results have been posted on the Epic Rides site.

Congratulations to all the riders!

Saturday afternoon: So, the race is over, but you'd still like to join in on the celebration? No fear, there's a lot going on downtown and plenty of room for you to come to the party.

Right now, the group, "Sweet Nasty" should be playing. Then at 3, you can enjoy the sounds of "Distant Fury".

At 4:30, they'll have an Awards Party on Concert Stage (in the expo area), and then after that, you can take part in the Whisky Off-Road Watering Hole Challenge. (You're welcome to participate, even if you didn't ride in the race.)

One of the beneficiaries of the Whiskey Off Road event is the Yavapai Food Bank. Please bring a couple of cans of food to donate to this cause.

In the meantime, here are the winning riders for the 50 Proof race:

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We spoke to Andy Schultz afterwards about his 3 hour, 16 minute, 50 mile ride in elevations as high as 7180 feet:

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Todd Sadow, the organizer of the event, had this to say after Andy sped under the winner's banner.

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Afterwards, Prescott Mayor Marlin Kuykendall explained how events like this are very important for the city:

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When the winners are announced for all the events, it will be posted it here.


Today is the day of the Whiskey Off Road Epic Ride - over 1000 participants are in town to participate in the event, filling hotel rooms and eating in the local restaurants.

The course is challenging, but according to organizer Todd Sadow, after citing the snow and the cold weather from the last couple of days and now, today's sunshine,"it's a perfect day for riding."

Curious about just where these intrepid riders will venture? Check out these maps - it's obvious that these courses are not for wimps!

15 Proof

25 Proof

50 Proof

There will be events throughout the day, but at 10:45, it is expected that the first competitors will start to roll in. So, you'll want to be there to see that! (And so will this reporter...I'm signing off now to get down there!)

Come on down and join in the fun! Music and all sorts of good cheer are to be had.


Photo Gallery

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger photo. Here are photos from the start of the 25 Proof race. Look for more pics later!

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