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Krol Gallery Paint-In on Sunday

16 July 2008  
It's a Paint-In at Krol Gallery, so gather up stuff you want to pretty-up and head on over!


This image was painted on a child's suitcase by Clareen Barrett.
Have you ever watched Antique Roadshow? You know, where people take in an object of some sort and ask how much it's worth? Well, the Paint-In at Krol Gallery will allow you to take in an object, present it to a world-class artist and ask them to make it worth more!


It will be a different, fun way to get to know some of the best artists in the Prescott area community.

Natalie Krol , owner of Krol Gallery, is really excited about this event. "We're just going to have a barrel of fun," she said enthusiastically. "We're going to have a blast."

What is a Paint-In? Just bring in any object that you think needs a little artistic adornment with paint or beading. Then, select the artist who will adorn your personal item, and watch them enhance what you brought in while you wait.

What kind of objects can you bring? Well, you're limited only by your imagination, but think of things like clothing, lamps and shades, wooden boxes, even suitcases. Maybe a pair of shoes or a scarf. Basically, anything that can be painted on or accept bead work will do just fine.

These aren't just any artists, either. These artists are recognized around the world for their talent and skills. For example, Bret Blevins is a comic book illustrator, visualizing the adventures of Spiderman, Batman, Superman and more. He has won two Emmys for his storyboard contributions.

Bonnie Casey's work is full of color and brilliance, her pieces are collected all over the world. Marjorie Claus has lived and studied in Indonesia and Singapore, working as an art teacher and selling designer garments and wall hangings. Jo Ann Reynolds creates gorgeous jewelry, and also has a background in interior design. Clareen Barrett's work is so impressive, that she is the sole artist for a large resort in Costa Rica. Krol's sculptures can be found around the world as well as right here in Prescott. So, you'll truly have a collector's piece when you're through.

Other artists include: Ann Alexander, Maria Boos , Del Decil , Erica Fareio , Steve Mason and David Wiley

How much will it cost? That depends on the complexity of the project, the design, and how much time the artist takes. Prices will be starting around $35, and you'll be quoted the exact price before the artist begins, so there won't be any surprises.

Hmmmm... I've got some flower pots in the back yard, and what about those pillow cases? My jean jacket would look terrific with a bit of beading on it. Maybe a t-shirt for my daughter-in-law...

Yep, I'll see you there!

The Paint-In is being held at Krol Gallery on Sunday, July 20, from 1:30 - 4:30.

Editor's Note: Prescott eNews is proud to announce Krol Gallery as our newest advertiser. With crazy-fun ideas such as this, we will all enjoy seeing what ideas Natalie Krol will come up with next. Next thing you know, she'll be offering lunch with your favorite artist!

Lynne LaMaster

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