Today: Jun 06 , 2020

LazyG Brewhouse

09 January 2020   Shawn Shipley

The LazyG Brewhouse, at 220 W. Leroux in Prescott, has food as well as beer.

Do you like Beer? I'm not a fan, but hey, someone out there is a Suds fan. From huge breweries like Coors and Budweiser to crafty beers from smaller places to the microbrews, they are a huge part of daily life. So grab a Brewskie, a Cold one and sit back and let me tell you about a Brewpub that has been around for a few months now.

LazyG Brewhouse is open and thriving. It is located on 220 W Leroux St. in Prescott. Kind of on a side street straight up old Montezuma. So, since I am not a fan of Beer, why in the world would I go there? For the food! This isn't a place where you go to sit in the dark, brooding over life while swilling a dark beer made from camel hooves. It is a bright and cheery place, where you go with your friends for good food, good beer and maybe, just maybe... Badger riding contests. That's right... they ride Badgers around.

LazyG interior web.jpg

Well...maybe not. But, try the food. Start it out right with a tasty Pickle Fries appetizer. Fry style slices of pickles covered in a crispy beer batter dipped in homemade Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing. So tasty, you start talking with a southern drawl... y'all gonna get some.

They feature big tasty salads and they have a Grilled Cheese of the day! The day we went, It was a Sourdough with Bacon, Tomato and American Cheese. It t'were a large sandwich and tasted fantastic. Fresh tomatoes, thick bacon and all that warmth from a good Grilled Cheese. I had the Reuben Sandwich. Real Corned Beef, Beer infused Sauerkraut, Swiss and Thousand Island on Marbled Rye. It is a contender in my soon to be released Quad Cities Reuben Round Up, where we will determine once and for all, who has the best Reuben in the area!

Side dishes. They offer soups, and the standard kind of sides; fries, tots, slaw, Lazy G Cheddar Mac salad or a side salad. I had the fries and the Cheddar Mac salad. The fries were tasty, but I really liked the cheddar mac salad. But, I have always liked pasta salad with chopped up cheddar.

LazyGfries web.jpg

So, here we are at the end. You have likely finished your beer and are now looking for another one, so I shall not keep you. Drop on by the exciting new pub, where the fresh beers are cold, the food is good and hot and the badgers are freaking HUGE!. Ride em Badgers! 4 Snouts. The fried pickles are some of the best I have had, and I love fried pickles.