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Fresca Cafe

09 August 2019   Shawn Shipley

The Fresca Cafe is in Frontier Village.

Ok, some people call me a skeptic, some call me a cynic and some call me the Gangster of Love... and I wish Steve would stop calling me that.. It's disturbing.

I have seen the Fresca Cafe numerous times. I was always going to Zeke's or once in a while to Fujiyama's. Friday night, we went to Fresca's Cafe. It always "seemed" to be a frou frou cafe, full of hipsters and soy milk, gluten free, chocolotto sipping cretins that make me want to punch a rhino. I'm glad to say, it wasn't what I expected, at all.

Patti and I went up there and walked by Fujiyama's which was packed with a 45-1 hour wait. We walked on by and went into the charming Fresca Cafe. No wait, no muss, no fuss. We were greeted by Francesca, who was one of the best wait people I have ever encountered. I think she is also an owner, but not sure. Incredible Service... Now, how was the food?

I am not shy in saying that I have found my favorite Italian place in the whole area. I had the Upper East Side Pizza. 10" pizza with red sauce, meatballs, homemade Italian sausage, pepperoni on a thin chewy crust. It was fantastic. I would order those every day if I could. Patti had the Shrimp Scampi with Noodles. HUGE freaking shrimp, homemade noodles and a perfect buttery sauce. I needed a heart stent after the meal it was so good.

They also brought out a sauce to try, a Jalapeno, olive oil "slurry" that she suggested I try on my pizza. It was so good I wanted to just pound the whole cup like a spicy shot. Ask for a sample, unbelievably good.

For desert? Gelato. I had the Banana Gelato. Patti had them all. Incredibly tasty and the perfect end to a perfect meal. I honestly can't think of anything negative.

Fresca Gelato.jpg

It doesn't look like your typical Italian place. Most have that look like there are three guys in the back planning on how they are gonna "Whack" Tony "The Weasel". This was a light and airy cafe which looks more suited to wheat grass smoothies rather than good Italian food.

Instead of going to the sub-par Fujiyamas and waiting for a table, head over to Fresca's. You won't be disappointed at all.

I give it a great 4-4.5 Snouts.

You have to go there.