Today: Jul 02 , 2020


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Louie and I had a lot in common. Politically, however, we were opposites.

The Roots of Victim Mentality

About Tattle Tales and Crybabies

It’s time for the best pancake breakfast in town!

How To Live a Happy Life

Lessons that lead to a more joyful life.

No Crisis at the Border?

Those that claim that there is no border or immigration crisis are usually those who either benefit economically or politically from illegal immigration…

The Elks Lodge #330 Law Enforcement and Firefighter Awards

Annual February Pilgrimage

Richard A. Rose Career Achievement Award


Asking Why?

Opinion: Survival Crimes?

"...political leaders in these cities come up with pseudo philanthropic phrases to justify their destructive policies."

It is a non-partisan movement, but is it the right direction for the state and the country?

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