Today: Oct 16 , 2019


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Opinion: Slip Slidin’ Away

Can Republicans maintain political control in Arizona?


Transference found on the political landscape. 

McSally Maintains Lead Over Sinema

McSally Maintains Lead Over Sinema, Turning Out Her Voters is a Key Factor

Listen Up! Politics


Opinion: The Progressive Playbook

The progressive playbook is even more refined when it comes to elections.

Why The Left Is Acting So Unstrung

Buz Williams offers his perspective on political leftists.

Opinion: Liberals vs. Progressives

So, what’s the difference between a Liberal and a Progressive?

Jean Wilcox picked up a significant endorsement Tuesday, when the Prescott Area Board of Realtors announced their support for her candidacy. 

Millennials Consistently Have the Lowest Election Turnout Among All Generations, and Experts Say Election Laws in Many States Aren’t Helping Young People Access the Polls

Thirteen hundred women gathered at the convention to hear Carly Fiorina, and she did not disappoint.