Today: Jul 11 , 2020

The Sadness of Victimhood

23 February 2020  

Wannabe victims wallow in their own victimhood

One of the legacies of the Obama era is the tribalism and victim status he left for those who believed in his words and policies. There are victims for almost any offense, real, imagined or manufactured, past, present or projected into the future. One could be a victim of misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, nationalism or the ever ubiquitous complaint of racism.

Not that there aren't some instances of those isms or phobia, but they are very rare and there are laws that address them both civilly and criminally. Every time the leftest press attempts to exploit one of their perceived misogynist or racist incidents, it blows up in their face. It doesn't matter if it is an accusation of a racist rape by Duke University lacrosse players or a protesting pro-life Catholic high school student publicly vilified on national TV, as an anti-Native American for smiling when an adult Native American is beating a drum in his face, the media gets it wrong and doesn't apologize for it or does so with so little attention as to be unnoticeable to the human eye or ear.

The fake news press really believes we are racists, sexists, and every other ist or phobic and that is why they run with stories before they verify them. They just know, in their heart of hearts, that they must be true. In doing so, the pseudo sympathetic press and the exploitative politicians create a culture where the wannabe victims can wallow in their own victimhood.

Before the Obama era, one would occasionally hear or read about the complaints of these self proclaimed victims, but few people dwelled on them. There were logical reasons for this. First, most everyone saw these complainants as obsessed with the “injustice” done to them and they offered no solutions. They wanted attention and sympathy, not solutions. Most citizens saw them as crybabies and whiners.

President Obama and his sycophants in the main stream media, lent them a credence they lacked before by highlighting every perceived instance of the above complaints. The progressive press has continued to focus on every alleged social justice victim's complaint and continue to do so even after they have been proved wrong time and time again.

In today's America, if one works, raises a family, pays a mortgage, buys a car and tries to save money for retirement, college tuition and medical insurance, there is hardly enough time or energy to find some social injustice issue for which an individual could become a victim. But those with the victim mentality can do it at the drop of a hat.

It must be getting more difficult for them, though, because now the offenses are not so overt. Now the victim must find the offensive word, words or actions after they have been alerted by the offender's “dog whistle” or after the victim has decoded the offender's code words.

In our real world, we should have pity on these sad, pathetic victims. What miserable lives they must lead when every morning they wake up and their first thought is, “What can happen or who will say or do something that will hurt and offend me today?”



Buz Williams

Richard F. "Buz" Williams was born into a police family.  His father, both grandfathers, a great uncle and a cousin were all on the Los Angeles Police Department and he also had an uncle on the Hawthorne, California Police Department.  Buz served for 29 years on the Long Beach, California Police Department were he worked Patrol, Juvenile, Vice, Auto Theft and Gangs.  He retired in December of 2002.  Buz has been married to his wife Judi for 44 years.  They have two grown sons who live in Southern California with their families, which include two daughter-in-laws, three grandsons and a granddaughter.  Buz and Judi have lived in Prescott since 2004.