Today: Jul 11 , 2020

Trump, the March for Life and Roe v Wade

02 February 2020  

President Trump takes a firm stand on a moral issue.

For the first time ever this year, a sitting President marched and spoke at the annual March for Life. Like moving our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, President Trump has done more than offer mere verbal support, he has acted on a moral issue. This anti-abortion, pro-life event marks the 47th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision that overturned the state laws enacted by elected representatives. Those state enacted laws made abortion illegal except in the most extreme circumstances. 

Now, you even have the Governor of Virginia supporting legislation that would allow an infant that survived an abortion, to be denied medical treatment and sustenance until that child is dead. Even if one believes in abortion up to the point of birth, it is tantamount to murder to allow that child to die after it is born. 

One of the reasons the far left extremists want to impeach President Trump is that they don't believe that they can beat him in the next presidential election. If he is reelected, President Trump will be able to appoint many more federal judges and maybe two or three Supreme Court Justices. If a majority of the Supreme Court Justices were original intent Constitutional conservatives, the precedent set by Roe v Wade would be in jeopardy, and it should be. It is one of the worst examples of “judicial legislation” in our history.

Seven of nine unelected Supreme Court Justices overturned laws passed by the elected representatives in the overwhelming number of our state legislatures. In our Constitutional form of government, the Supreme Court was not given the power to legislate, especially concerning laws passed in individual states. In a convoluted opinion, the majority of the Court in Roe, used the 14th Amendment to confer the “right to abortion” to women. The 14thAmendment was written to give full citizenship to former slaves after the Civil War. The majority had to magically pull the abortion right out of thin air to find it in that Amendment. 

In his dissenting opinion in the companion case, Doe v Bolton, Justice Byron White explained the majority's folly: 

“I find nothing in the language or history of the Constitution to support the Court's judgment. The Court simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant women and, with scarcely any reason or authority for its action, invests that right with sufficient substance to override most existing state abortion statutes. The upshot is that the people and the legislatures of the 50 States are constitutionally disentitled to weigh the relative importance of the continued existence and development of the fetus, on the one hand, against a spectrum of possible impacts on the woman, on the other hand. As an exercise of raw judicial power, the Court perhaps has authority to do what it does today; but, in my view, its judgment is an improvident and extravagant exercise of the power of judicial review that the Constitution extends to this Court.” 

Even if a Trump majority Supreme Court did overturn Roe v Wade, it would not mean that abortion would end in the United States. What would happen is that the abortion issue would go back to the individual states for each legislature to decide the legality in its jurisdiction. That is where the Founding Fathers intended most controversial issues to be decided.

Buz Williams



Buz Williams

Richard F. "Buz" Williams was born into a police family.  His father, both grandfathers, a great uncle and a cousin were all on the Los Angeles Police Department and he also had an uncle on the Hawthorne, California Police Department.  Buz served for 29 years on the Long Beach, California Police Department were he worked Patrol, Juvenile, Vice, Auto Theft and Gangs.  He retired in December of 2002.  Buz has been married to his wife Judi for 44 years.  They have two grown sons who live in Southern California with their families, which include two daughter-in-laws, three grandsons and a granddaughter.  Buz and Judi have lived in Prescott since 2004.