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Sales, Menus & Recipes: What to Cook for Easter

09 April 2020  

It’s Easter - although it feels odd, doesn’t it?

A Traditional Easter Menu would probably include either ham or lamb, some small boiled potatoes, asparagus,  a salad of spring greens maybe a  special Easter bread, or deviled eggs. Most of these items were initially popular because they are widely available in spring. The ham has been hanging in the smoke house, the lambs are recently born, new potatoes are common as are spring greens and eggs. Did you know that under natural conditions, chickens produce many more eggs in the spring than at other times?

Although it is not necessary to eat these items at this time, they do tend to be available widely and at lower prices during the Easter season. 

Of course, we should all be continuing to protect ourselves and others by social distance and in general staying home when possible.

In Our Stores This Week

Fry’s—Has a paper ad this week, though it is also on-line. Store Hours remain as last week, 7am-9pm, Mon-Thurs 7-9am is reserved for Seniors and others who may need special consideration. There are no big sales this week but you can find the best deals below.

Safeway—Has a paper ad this week. Hours: Regular Hours Mon thru Fri 6 am to 9 pm EXCEPT “Golden Hours” for seniors and other high risk groups, pregnant, immune suppressed, Tues & Thurs 6 am to 9 am. Safeway has a page of clip or Click ads including Ritz and Nabisco snack crackers for $2.49/box and Kingsford charcoal for $9.99/12-16 lb bag.

Sprouts—Still has no paper ad, although there will probably be one next week. Store hours are daily 7am-8pm. They are showing a few items on-line and may have more as the week goes on.

WalMart—Store Hours 7am-8pm daily with special Senior and special needs hours from 6am-7am on Tuesday.

Recipes for Easter Week

Ham in the Instant Pot
Only works with a fairly small ham.

Classic Honey Glazed Ham

Mushrooms and Asparagus
Could easily use ham  (small diced or thin sliced) and brown mushrooms.

Celery Salad
April is Fresh Celery Month

Citrus Salad
Ham goes well with most fruits.

Peach Cobbler (April 13 is Peach Cobbler Day)
Since ripe peaches are not available now, use frozen peaches, thaw them in the microwave and proceed.

Here are some Easter Breads

Hot Cross Buns

Italian Gramma Makes Easter Bread
It doesn’t come more authentic than this

And did you know that April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (like you’ve never seen before)
Alton Brown, may he cook forever.


Ham—$1.27/lb, Kroger brand Spiral Sliced, Bone In, limit 1 while supplies last
Ham Portions—$.99/lb, Sugardale, bone in, limit 1 while supplies last
Beef Ribeye Roast—$4.97/lb, bone in, limit 1 OR Supervalue pack steaks limit 1
Shrimp—$11.98/2 lb bag, frozen, raw or cooked
Asparagus—$1.28/lb OR Organic asparagus $1.99/lb
Avocados—$1.25/each, Large
Tomatoes—$2.99/box, Campari or snacking
Strawberries—$1.25/box or Organic strawberries, $3/box
Whole Pineapple or Cantaloupe—$2/each
Duncan Hines Mixes—$Buy 1, Get 1Free, Cake or Brownie
Cheese—$3.49/pkg, Kroger Brand, Select Varieties
Colgate Toothpaste—$1 /4 oz tube, select varieties

Ham—$1.98/lb, Hormel Cure81 or Signature Spiral Sliced, Bone In, limit 1
Beef Ribeye Roast—$5.97/lb, bone in, sold whole in bag, limit 1
Shrimp—$15.98/2 lb bag, frozen, Raw Pink Argentine Shrimp or cooked peeled shrimp
Sweet Corn—$1/5 ears, first 5 only, first of the season
Salad Blends—$5/16 oz box, O Organics Brand
Mini Peeled Carrots—$.99/1 lb bag
Navel Oranges—$.99/lb
Pineapple or Cantaloupe—$2.50/each
Post Cereal—$1.99/box, Honey Bunches of Oats  or Oreo O’s
Farmland Bacon—$2.50/pkg, select varieties Limit 2
Sour Cream—$1.99/each, with coupon,  or cottage cheese, select varieties

Beef Boneless Chuck Roast—$4.99/lb
Shrimp—$8.99/lb, raw, colossal, previously frozen
Green Beans—$.98/lb