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Sales, Menus & Recipes: So Much to Celebrate!

14 March 2018  
It’s Pi Day. St. Patrick’s Day is Saturday.

So Much to Celebrate!

Pi Day is the day we all eat pie in honor of the number Pi, commonly written as 3.14. Here’s a great roundup of facts and info.

St. Patrick is the patron Saint of Ireland. While the day was always celebrated in Ireland, it was more of a religious holiday. The customs really took off when large numbers  of Irish immigrated to the United States, and other places such as Mexico, South America and Australia after the potato famine. Beginning in 1845 the Irish potato crops were devastated by a fungal disease known as Late Blight.

The Irish were proud of their culture and wanted to celebrate it. Soon parades, food customs and beer consumption became common. The day became an official holiday in Ireland in 1903.

Sales in our three main supermarkets this week include; Fry’s—Four days of digital deals March 14-18, Safeway—Special deals SATURDAY MARCH 17 ONLY, Brisket @ 2.99/lb, Cabbage @ 3 lb for $1, Red Potatoes @ $.69/lb, Soda Bread @ $2.99/each. Sprouts brisket and cabbage  will still be on sale Today, that is Wednesday the 14th.

It’s still March, Frozen Food Month. Safeway has some special deals and only for Just For You members, a free carton of ice cream if you buy $15 worth of frozen items.  At Sprouts you will get 20% off of everything frozen.

March 14: Pi Day, Potato Chip Day, 
March 15: National Peanut Lover’s Day
March 16: National Artichoke Heart Day
March 17: Corn Dog Day, St. Patrick’s Day
March 18: National Sloppy Joe Day 
March 19: Chocolate Caramel Day, Poultry Day
March 20: Ravioli Day 
March 21: French Bread Day 

Links & Definitions:

All Store Coupons & Sales (on the Pillsbury site)
Fry’s Grocery Ad Fliers
Safeway Grocery Ad Fliers
Sprouts Grocery Ads 
BOGO: Buy One, Get One
(O): Organic
B/S: Boneless, Skinless

Day 1

Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado Salad
Honey Glazed Carrots
Apple Pie

Recipe: Honey Glazed Carrots

Cook Baby Carrots until soft, drain. Add a drizzle of Honey (not too much, it shouldn’t be sticky) and a teaspoon of the chopped fresh herb of your choice (thyme is good.) Stir well.

Items On Sale

Chicken Breasts BLSL $1.77/lb @ Sprouts; $2.99 @Safeway
Tomatoes $1.99 @ Safeway, 
Avocados $.99/ea @ Fry’s (large) $2.50 @ Safeway (organic) $1.50/each @ Sprouts (jumbo)
Apples $.98/lb @ Sprouts $1.99/lb @ Safeway (organic

Day 2

Pasta Bake
Kale Salad
Steamed Asparagus
Key Lime Pie

Items On Sale

Kale $.88/ea @Sprouts
Asparagus $.88/lb @ Fry’s $1.50/lb @ Sprouts

Day 3

Seared Salmon
Yellow Squash Casserole
Green Salad
Pecan Pie

Items On Sale

Salmon $6.99/lb @ Safeway, $7.99/lb @ Sprouts, $9.99@ Fry’s
Whole Pecans $9.99/lb @ Sprouts (in bulk)
Lettuce, Romaine, Red Leaf, Green Leaf $1.99/each Iceberg $.69 (with click or clip) @ Safeway
Yellow Squash @1.49/lb @ Safeway

Day 4

Corned Beef
Cabbage or Brussels Sprouts
Boiled Red Potatoes
Apple and Celery Salad
Irish Apple Tart

Items On Sale

Brussel’s Sprouts $.98/lb @ Sprouts
Celery $.50/bunch @ Sprouts, $1.50/bunch @ Safeway

Day 5

Braised Pork Chops
Apple Compote
Lemon Cream Pie

Colcannon is very Irish, this is a little updated:

The Easiest Pie You’ll Ever See
I would use Real Lemon Juice and Pipe On Some Whipped Cream

Items on Sale

Pork Chops $2.49/lb @ Sprouts & Safeway

Day 6
Shepherds Pie
Steamed Zucchini
Seedless Watermelon Slices
Coconut Chocolate Pie

Items On Sale

Ground Beef $3.47/lb @ Safeway
Baby Seedless Watermelon $3/each @ Safeway $2.99/each @ Fry’s