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On Sale This Week: Steak!

14 June 2012  

On Sale This Week—Where’s the Beef?

Father’s Day is Sunday June17. Why not celebrate with some inexpensive but tasty beef? This week we feature three different cuts of beef, which you can prepare in different ways. Two are for grilling, but maybe your beef fan would like a day free of cooking chores. Try some really tasty chili. As has been mentioned before, most butcher departments will happily slice or grind your purchase, just ask! The petite sirloin cut can be too tough for grilling without serious tenderizing. But ground, especially if the butcher can grind it coarsely, it makes dynamite chili.

***This Friday (June 15) is First Responder's Day at Albertson's. Police, Firefighters and EMTs will receive a 10% discount off their groceries.***

Comparing Prices this Week on Steaks

Albertsons: Petite Sirloin steaks, Buy 1 Get Two Free

Fry’s: Whole Rib Eye, in bag, slice for free or cook whole $4.77/lb

Safeway: New York Strip Steak, bone in, extreme value pack $4.99

Best Prices on Everyday Items

Milk: Safeway, Store Brand $1.57/gal

Bread: Albertsons, Earthgrain $2.49; Safeway, Nature’s Pride BOGO* ; Fry’s, Orowheat, select varieties $2.79

Eggs: Albertsons, Store Brand $1.49/dz

Best Bargains this Week


Special Sale Buy 8 items from group, save $4 Items Include:

  • Eggs $.99/dz
  • Soft Choice Bath Tissue, 12 double rolls $3.99
  • Quaker and Kellog’s cereal, select varieties $1.99

Meat and Seafood

  • Sanderson Farms Chicken, select varieties, jumbo pack $1.29/lb
  • Pork loin back ribs, buy 1, get 2 free
  • Lobster tail, 3 oz. minimum; frozen
  • Tilapia, buy 1, get 2 free
  • Nathan's Beef Franks, BOGO


  • California red cherries, $1.47/lb
  • Nectarines or peaches $1.99 lb.
  • Sweet corn, 2/$1

Other Grocery

Breyer’s frozen novelty items, select varieties $2.99


Special Sales: Save $4 instantly on Proctor and Gamble products if you buy 4 participating items. Items include: Bounty paper towels, Swiffer Wet Jet refills, Cascade Dishwasher detergent

Meat and Seafood

  • Foster Farms split chicken breasts $1.69/lb
  • Bar S products, 33% off
  • Ribeye Steaks, boneless $5.97; whole, boneless $4.77
  • Lobster tails, min. 5 oz.; previously frozen $7.99


  • California red cherries $1.47/lb
  • Roma tomatoes on the vine, Arizona Grown $.99/lb
  • Red, yellow bell peppers $.88 ea.
  • Mangoes 3/$1


  • Kroger Yogurt 3/$1
  • Select varieties of Kroger Cheese, including bars, shreds and slices $1.79

Other Grocery

  • Fry’s water $2.50/case


Special Sales

$5 Friday: Cottonelle bath tissue, 12 rolls; Hormel port tenderloins, select varieties

4 Day Sale Friday—Monday

  • General Mills cereals, select varieties $2.50
  • Thomas’ English muffins, select varieties BOGO*

Meat and Seafood

  • Assorted loin pork chops $1.88/lb
  • Beef back ribs, $1.29 lb
  • Country style pork ribs, $1.69 lb.
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breasts $1.99 lb.
  • Chicken leg quarters $.75 lb.


  • Bell peppers all colors, .99/lb
  • Peaches $.77 lb.
  • Avocados $.77 ea.
  • Strawberries, l lb. pkg, 2/$5


  • Kraft Cheese slices, $2.69 for 7-8 oz. package
  • Lucerne bar cheese, 7-8 oz. $1.99

Other Grocery

  • Doritos or Lay’s potato chips, Buy 2 Get 2 Free
  • Pepperage Farm Milano Cookies BOGO*
  • Pillsbury Grand Biscuits $.99

*BOGO Buy one get one of equal or lesser value free

bbq grill

Videos from Around the Web 

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Here's an All-Beef Chili Recipe

If you don't have any homemade BBQ sauce, how about getting some of Jubes? They're a local company, and their sauce is terrific.