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Listen Up! It's Gardening Time

02 September 2018  

Gardening podcasts for your listening pleasure.

We may be in the last days of summer, but there is always the promise of great things to come. For example thinking about next year's gardening, while preparing to harvest this season's bounty. So grab your seed catalogs and listen to a few podcasts to take you thru to planting time.

The Watters Garden Center Podcast

The importance of local conditions and climate are very important to most gardeners. No one knows the plants and techniques that work in Prescott better than Ken and Lisa Lain. The Mountain Gardeners can tell you about the best fruit trees, best summer bloomers, Organic weed control, and even protection from the local gardening terror, Javelinas.

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The Joe Gardener Show

Joe Lamp'l (otherwise known as Joe The Gardener) is an organic gardening and vegetable podcast. Topics can vary from organic predatory insects to how to create the perfect tasty tomato. His guests can vary from Entomologists to James Beard Award winning Chefs. Sometimes he even has the occasional expose. Joe comes from the Southeast, but he tries to appeal to a broad spectrum of followers. His experience garnered from his GardenFarm (to big to be a garden, not quite a farm). Joe is an interesting host, and has an interesting take on organic gardening., iTunes

Vegetable Gardener with Mike Podlesny

Coming from the Garden State (New Jersey), Mike the Gardener is covering vegetable gardening with a more urban edge. With tips on vegetable growing in small spaces. Urban homesteading, to special plants. Guests topics include water use, which is a subject dear to every Arizonans heart. This is one of the shorter podcasts in this group, in case your time is limited., Vegetable Gardening on iTunes, The Vegetable Gardening Show on YouTube

Back to my Garden with Dave Ledoux

Dave Ledoux is a garden enthusiast. This podcast is varied in both in scope of flowers, vegetable, and trees. Also he brings a global outlook to trends in gardens, all the way from conservatories, fish powered gardens,  to heirloom seeds. Dave hails from Canada and has an understanding of the traditional English gardens. But also has contemporary guests., iTunes

All Things Plants Podcast

The All Things Plants podcast comes from the National Gardening Association, where Dave and Trish Whitinger discuss everything interesting and new in the gardening world. Each episode features regular segments as well as occasional top 10 lists, interviews. Plus visits to gardens from across the United States., iTunes