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Listen Up! Funny Podcasts

10 August 2018  

Laughter makes the world go 'round!

Are you looking for chuckles, giggles, or belly laughs? No worries, we have podcasts to fill your humor gaps. Some are much more family friendly than others, so we will try to sort out the funny bones for you.

The Ronnie & Bo Show

Local and rated G (most of the time, sometimes it slides into the almost-PG realm!) Pastor Ronnie Merrill and Disc Jockey Bo Woods cover twenty minutes of pop culture and general tangential thoughts. Think morning on-the-way-to-work show for listening pleasure. You can find them on:

Ronnie & Bo Show Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

Also: PrescotteNews, iTunes, or

The Clean Comedy Podcast

If you are looking for a Podcast about clean, clean comedy, this is an oddly interesting show. Hosts James Creviston and Luke Lacoy talk with a who's who of clean comedians. With talk about the inside world of writing gags, finding gigs, working the crowd, and how to do improv. It's more craft oriented than other podcasts, but you will meet a network of performers who frequently move between playing theaters, churches, and clubs. If you want to know who is making clean funny shows, or how to make them happen, even if your looking for something to laugh at, that you can feel, good about. You can find it on iTunes

Clean Comedy Podcast: Website

Old Time Radio Comedies

If you like old radio shows or if you just love to laugh. Pick a podcast off of the available shows on iTunes. Search around and find some classics. Try some old Jack Benny, or Duffy's Tavern, Edgar Bergan, even my wife's most-liked, "My Favorite Husband". You can sit back and enjoy the days when radio could bring a smile to your face.

Ok, the problem is that this show is hard to find if you’re only looking online. They have a website, but it doesn’t give you information about the podcast. It is in the iTunes store. Search for Comedy Old Time Radio, part of the Radio Memories Network, LLC.

Owen Benjamin

A comedian who has become controversial, but not by crossing the line of decency, although he will if he thinks its funny. He is also willing to color outside the lines of Political Correctness, or anything else that is good for a laugh. He has become the official comedian of the unofficial Dark Web. He just keeps becoming a bigger presence on the show circuit, YouTube, and in the podcast world. Not what I would rate family friendly, but he still meets his own standards. If your standard is that you like to be entertained, you can find him at: or Why Didn't They Laugh

Comedy on Vinyl

Do you just want to throw the dice and see what comes up? Spontaneous choices are the watch word for Comedy on Vinyl, based on the record collection of Jason Klamm and any friends he can get in studio. On occasion they bring in guests, even the recording artists themselves.This is variety indeed. You might find yourself listening to Bob Newhart one week, or Firesign Theater the next. I cannot say this is clean comedy, but still worth checking out if you don't have sensitive ears, or young people listening in. This is on my weekly look-at list, because you never know what might be featured.

iTunes or,