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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method: Executive Functioning

23 February 2017
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Executive Functioning Includes Cognitive Abilities Such as Reasoning, Problem Solving, Judgment and Thought Flexibility

Executive Functioning is one of five areas of the Cognitive Therapeutics MethodTM (CTM), pioneered by Home Care Assistance. CTM is an activities-based, cognitive stimulation program, to help older adults stay mentally sharp and independent. Activities were developed by our dedicated research team led by a neuropsychologist after more than a year of reviewing relevant research.

Executive Functioning is the mind’s ability to reason, solve problems, use judgment and make changes in order to navigate different tasks and situations. Simply put, it allows the mind to piece together multiple steps in a logical order to accomplish a goal. When executive functioning is impaired, people may be unable to handle complicated situations, find solutions to problems or compromise, which can often lead to frustration, withdrawal and even aggression.

Two activities designed to exercise the ability to plan and reach goals, large and small, aiding in Executive Functioning:

  • Mazes: clients use a pencil to find an uninterrupted path through a pattern of line segment from a starting point to a goal.  The ability to anticipate, to change the mind, and to reverse direction offer practice in faster brain processing and reaction times. Solving mazes offers both enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment when the goal is reached.
  • Lacing Cards: clients follow prompts from his or her caregiver to form various patterns using a two-toned shoelace. This activity again involves thinking through and executing logical steps to reach a goal.

    For both of these examples and all of the CTM activities, the focus is on the thought process, not whether or not the client reaches the end goal by organizing the steps in the right order.

CTM-certified caregivers receive extensive training on the research basis of the program as well as how to use every activity, so they can easily engage clients one-on-one in their residences. The program is designed for everyone, from those who are cognitively healthy and want to maintain their mental acuity to those with deficits in cognitive functioning that are interfering with quality of life. Your loved one can enjoy the benefits of cognitive stimulation with the same caregiver that already helps him or her maintain independence at home.

Home Care Assistance Prescott is committed to supporting the families of loved ones with cognitive issues. Whether you or your loved ones wish to take a preventive approach to cognitive health or are currently experiencing symptoms of decline, our offices are resource centers. We also offer educational tools to help family members care for their loved ones.

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