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The Cognitive Therapeutics Method

20 February 2017
  Home Care Assistance Prescott | Partner Content

Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Slowing the Cognitive and Functional Decline Associated with Dementia

Dementia has been called the most significant global health challenge of the 21st century. Thus, it is increasingly necessary for scholars and professionals across disciplines who work with older adults to have a thorough understanding of dementia and the types of interventions most effective in addressing associated cognitive and functional decline. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ (CTM) is a patent-pending cognitive stimulation program developed by the scientific division of Home Care Assistance. The program aims to improve quality of life by enhancing mental acuity as well as to delay onset and slow the progression of symptoms of cognitive decline.

Home Care Assistance Prescott has created a new activities-based program for seniors and older adults with memory related conditions, helping specifically to:

  • Slow cognitive decline
  • Delay the onset of dementia
  • Build a routine to look forward to
  • Regain a sense of pride and accomplishment
  • Engage with others in an enjoyable way

A Comprehensive Cognitive Activities Program Supporting Individual Needs

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method is an activity-based program designed to prevent the onset of new forms of cognitive decline, as well as slow the progression of existing symptoms for individuals experiencing cognitive impairment. Based on cutting-edge scientific research and the landmark National Institutes of Health report, suggesting that mental stimulation is associated with slower cognitive decline, CTM currently includes one-on-one activities targeting not just memory, but the five primary domains of the mind:

  • Executive Functioning includes cognitive abilities such as reasoning, problem solving, judgment, and thought flexibility
  • Attention refers to the ability to focus on a specific piece of information for a long period of time while ignoring competing distractions
  • Language refers to the ability to execute verbal functions including spontaneous speech, speech repetition, speech comprehension, naming, reading and writing
  • Visual-Spatial Perception involves the ability to accurately perceive and object’s physical location and understand the relationships between objects
  • Memory refers to the ability to retain information and utilize it later

Home Care Assistance Prescott proudly trains caregivers in our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method so that clients receive one-to-one cognitive stimulation as well as support with basic care and activities of daily life without extra cost. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method not only improves our client’s mental acuity, but also their overall level of engagement and happiness. In addition to the five cognitive domains, the program offers a wide array of activities in the following areas, identified by scientific literature to have a positive impact on cognitive functioning: including coping, sensory, social, exercise, recreation and diet.

"The Cognitive Therapeutics Method has been a wonderful addition to our mother’s life. The interventionists are lovely people who are sensitive, kind, intuitive, bright, and well trained. Our mother has truly enjoyed working with them and they have done an outstanding job of making her feel comfortable and drawing her out. The program provides mental stimulation, companionship and opportunities for her to engage in a wide range of activities, all of which are tailored to her needs. We feel that this program is the most critical activity our mother participants in since it has such a positive impact on her day and gives her important targeted cognitive stimulation." – N.R., Client’s daughter

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method takes a tailored approach, each client starts with an initial admissions evaluation, in which we understand the client’s goals, interests and history. To find out more about CTM, call us at Home Care Assistance Prescott, 928-771-0105, and schedule a free evaluation!