Today: May 31 , 2020

Obamacare replacement fails; Arizona lawmakers say fight goes on

Advocates Say Repealing Obamacare Could Lead to the Loss of Funding for Public Health Efforts Like the Search for a Zika Virus Vaccine, but Critics Say That Money Is Not Being Well-Spent

Arizona’s Senators Joined Their GOP Colleagues to Narrowly Approve a Measure That Is the First Step Toward Repealing Obamacare

 Many plans in Arizona are being discontinued. Be sure to examine your insurance options now. 

Republican Mike Pence, Trump’s Choice for Vice President, Made His Fourth Appearance in Arizona

Statement By Senator John McCain on Steep Increases In Obamacare Premiums Nationwide

Despite Criticisms of Obamacare, Millions Have Secured Health Coverage Under It, With the 7th District in South Phoenix Seeing One of the Steepest Drops Among the Nation’s Congressional Districts Between 2013 and 2015

Seven Insurance Companies Under Obamacare Have Pulled Out of the Arizona Marketplace for Next Year, Leaving 13 of the State’s 15 Counties with the Prospect of Just One Provider in 2017

'If the Candidates Don't Make an Issue of It in November, the Voters Should
Statement By Senator John Mccain On Proposed Major Premium Hikes For Obamacare In Arizona
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