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Public Health Lecture Series at Yavapai College

27 October 2016   Kim Kapin

Yavapai College presents a public health lecture series. 

Yavapai College faculty members and guests will step outside of the classroom in early November and present ten enlightening lectures for everyone interested in public health issues past and present. The lectures on both the Prescott and Verde YC campuses collectively comprise the Yavapai College Arts & Humanities’ Public Heath Symposium.

The series of interdisciplinary lectures are the culmination of hours of research and preparation by YC faculty members who volunteered to present at the forthcoming symposium as a community service. Admission to each lecture in the series is free. Lecture topics are as varied as modern medications, medical ethics, domestic violence and genetic enhancement.

“We’re here not just for our students, but for the community,” said YC history professor and lead symposium organizer Deborah Roberts. “It’s our mission to contribute to that community part of the college.”

Another goal of the symposium is introducing community residents to the talented, knowledgeable Yavapai College faculty. “I don’t think people realize the expertise our faculty members have,” Roberts said.

The public health focus was suggested by a past symposium attendee, is timely and fits the inter-disciplinary nature of the symposium, Roberts said.

The lectures in the series at the Prescott campus are at 3 and 4:30 p.m., Nov. 2, Nov and 3; at 3 p.m. Nov. 4. All are taking place in building 19, room 147, adjacent to the YC Library, 1100 E. Sheldon St.

At the Verde campus, symposium lectures also are at 3 and 4:30 p.m., Nov. 2 and Nov. 3; at 3 p.m. Nov. 4. The lectures will be presented in Building M, Room 137, 601 Black Hills Drive, in Clarkdale.

Following is the YC Public Health Symposium schedule:

Wednesday, Nov. 2:

The Good, Bad and the Ugly of Medications, Stephanie Scovill, registered nurse and nursing professor, 3 p.m., Prescott

Trust, Belief and Belonging: The Social Impact of Rumor on Public Health Efforts, Dr. Suzanne Waldenberger, humanities professor, 4:30 p.m., Prescott.

Florence Nightingale – Founder of Modern Nursing, Dr. Selina Bliss, nursing professor, 3 p.m. Verde campus

Judeo Christian Constructs and American Health Care, Dr. Amy Stein, history professor, 4:30 p.m., Verde campus

Thursday, Nov. 3:

Medical Ethics and the Tuskegee Study, Debbie Roberts, history professor, 3 p.m. Prescott

Domestic Violence as a Public Health Issue, Erin Whitesitt, sociology instructor, 4:30 p.m., Prescott

Pastoral Care and Health Care: Can a Pastor Really Help People Stay and Become Well? Guest lecturer Rev. Ed Womack, 3 p.m., Verde campus

Nursing in Africa: Two Experiences: Guest lecturer Kim Fawcett, registered nurse, 4:30 p.m., Verde Campus

Friday, Nov. 4

What the Ancient Greeks and Jews Might Have Said About Genetic Enhancement, Dr. Aaron Rizzieri, philosophy professor, 3 p.m., Prescott

Domestic Violence as a Public Health Issue, Erin Whitesitt, sociology instructor, 3 p.m., Verde campus