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Yavapai College President Seeks Broader International Ties at PIN Conference

29 July 2016   Jennifer McCormack

In an effort toward modernizing Yavapai College’s educational and job-training capacities, Dr. Penelope Wills went to a conference in Canada. 

Yavapai College President Dr. Penelope Wills took a dramatic step toward modernizing YC’s educational and job-training capacities by representing the College at the Post-Secondary International Network (PIN) Conference, held July 10-16 in Canada.

The PIN conference – a forum of community and technical college executives from seven member nations – invited Yavapai College to attend its symposium at Olds College in Alberta. Every year, PIN representatives study and debate critical issues affecting post-secondary education and develop resources to help member colleges improve the educational and job training programs in their communities.

“Yavapai College students will graduate into a global workforce,” Dr. Wills said. “We must educate them to be effective in this world, and work with our international colleagues to address its challenges.”

The Post-Secondary International Network (PIN) was created in 1979 to foster closer interaction between colleges in the United States and Canada. Since then, its membership has expanded to include the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Bahrain and South Korea. 

Dr. Wills says PIN offers a broader, international perspective on training programs as well as access to faculty and student exchanges that can better equip YC graduates for the workforce: “When it comes to education and workforce training, our world is actually much smaller than one might imagine. Education, workforce training and quality of life – it’s all about connecting those dots.”