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School Snow Day Information, Tuesday, December 15

15 December 2015  

It's Tuesday morning, and we're working hard to keep this page up-to-date. Check it again, there may have been some changes.

Snow Day - Tuesday, December 15: Current Information.

Good morning! Here is the information about school closures and delays. Check back frequently to this page for the most up-to-date information. 

If you have further information, please call 458.5119 to report it. 

Here's the National Weather Service link.

School Delay & Closure Information

Prescott Unified School District School is on a 2-Hour Delay. Here is the notice we received: "PUSD is running on a 2-hour delay today. Please follow the link for details of a 2-hour delay." Snow Day details.

Northpoint Academy: (they follow PUSD) 2-Hour Delay

PV Charter School K-12 (they follow PUSD) 2-Hour Delay

Franklin Phonetic Elementary School: (they follow PUSD's lead) 2-Hour Delay

Kestrel High School (they do follow PUSD's lead) 2-Hour Delay

Mountain Oak Charter School  (they follow PUSD) 2-Hour Delay

Christian Academy of Prescott (they follow PUSD) 2-Hour Delay

Christian Academy of Prescott PRESCHOOL Cancelled, extended care available at 11:30

Trinity Christian School (follows PUSD): 2-Hour Delay

Primavera School 2-Hour Delay

BASIS Prescott (facebook): 2-Hour Delay

Humboldt Unified School District  Regular schedule today. However, the buses may be running a few minutes later due to icy conditions. 

La Tierra (follows PUSD): 2-Hour Delay

Mountain Institute JTED: Normal schedule

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University  Classes are closed for winter break. For more information: 928-777-6666. 2-hour delayed start for staff and flight line until 10 AM.

Yavapai College is not in session. All Yavapai College locations are on a 2-hour delay.

Prescott College is not in session. 


Parkview Middle School 

Canyon View Prep

Chino Valley School District: Regular schedule today. 

Mayer School District No delays.

Yavapai Exceptional Industries 

Tri-City Prep 2-Hour Delay

Sacred Heart (follows PUSD, unless a 2-hour delay is called on a Friday, then school is closed) 2-Hour Delay

Yavapai County High School 

Cornerstone Preschool & Daycare: 771-2754 - Rule of thumb, if PUSD schools are closed, they close. If PUSD is on a delay, they use their regular schedule. Today, they are on a regular schedule. 

Acorn Montessori (follows HUSD) No delay.

Willow Creek Charter (follows PUSD) website2-Hour Delay

Pace Academy: 2-Hour Delay, according to citizen reports!

Flagstaff Unified School District2-Hour Delay

*** Denotes a change from an earlier posting. 

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