Today: Jul 08 , 2020

Despite Being Focused on Arizona, Many of the Signatures Appeared to Come from Residents of Other States

Yep. Trump and Hillary won. But you knew that. But, what about some of the behind-the-numbers information that might provide a bit of insight?

Requesting an Early Ballot for the Presidential Preference Election?

If Arizona Campaign Donations Were Ballots, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, Would Have the State’s Primary Sewed Up

It Will Take More Than a Hispanic Name Like “Cruz” or “Rubio” to Win Over the Country’s Largest Minority Group, Advocates Say

Early Voting For The Presidential Preference Election Begins Today!

Come have dinner and support a great cause!

When There Appears to be a Strong Anti-Establishment Current to the Campaigns, Some Endorsements Might Even Backfire

Highlands Center Offers Two Spring Break Camps for Kindergarten through 4th Grade Children

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