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These Shoes Could Earn $75K for PHS Art Programs!

25 April 2018  

Prescott High School is one of two Arizona schools named a Vans Custom Culture semi-finalist!

Now, it’s up to Arizona to vote for their Custom Culture design online here for the chance to win $75K towards the school’s art program. 50 schools across the U.S. are currently in the running.

You can help rally Arizona to vote for their design to win $75,000 towards their art program! 

The Vans Custom Culture contest was created to support schools across the country experiencing art department budget cuts. Over 2,000 schools submitted customized Vans shoes embodying the Vans “Off the Wall” and “Local Flavor” lifestyle. Schools also submitted an impact doc (see below) explaining how winning this donation would affect their arts programs since they have suffered budget cuts. After Vans narrowed down submissions to the top 50, it’s up to the public to vote for their favorite pair. The overall winner receives $75,000 and the four runner-up schools receive $10,000, all going towards funding their school’s art programs.

 Impact Statement:

BAM! Like a meteor hitting the earth and sending out ripples of energy, we can feel the IMPACT that would occur if Prescott High School were to be awarded $75,000! The ripple effect of this impact would reach the art program, the students, and our community. 
To begin this impact we would broaden the scope of our art program by bringing it into the 21st century. We would acquire technology, both hardware and software, in order to offer students new opportunities to develop the skills needed to be successful in creative careers of the current and future market. Learning about things that are relevant to us is what motivates us. In this digital age, it is important that we learn to use the tools of the design world. This investment in non-consumable items such as computers, computer programs, digital cameras, and tablets could serve large numbers of art students year after year. Our fine arts courses could be supported as well with the addition of higher quality materials for drawing, painting and sculpting. The award could also fund field trips out of our small town and into the city giving us exposure to galleries, museums, artists’ studios and workplaces. Updating our art program will attract more students to the program when they see what their peers are producing with the state-of-the art equipment and materials. 
Students will specifically feel impacted by the ripple effect of the $75,000 award. With an art program aligned for college and career readiness, we will feel empowered by the knowledge that our high school experience in the arts has prepared us for the next level of our educational journey. Students will take pride in knowing that their school invested in their future by carefully allocating the award funds into specific areas that will benefit the most students. Our art program is currently supported entirely by student fees and supplemented with gifts and donations. The award money would fill in where our fees don’t reach. Some of the financial burden upon students could be lifted from fees for art courses, field trips, entry into art shows and scholarship competitions. Students who perhaps avoided art classes because of the fees, could then afford to join the art program. 
The final ripple of this award will reach outward from our school, through our students, and into our community. Student art work will be displayed in public places and stakeholders will see first-hand how students are working to prepare for their futures. In turn, community members will witness the importance of arts in our schools. And the final ripple will bounce back towards the art program through community support. Their support will help perpetuate the quality art program for students feeding into the school in the future. 
BAM! Did you feel the IMPACT? 

Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She will be leaving for new adventures on May 15, 2020.