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PUSD Administrative Remodel

02 February 2018   District Superintendent Joe Howard

Change is in the air at PUSD

PUSD Principals

It is with deeply thoughtful reflection that I share  plans to "remodel" our administrative team next year. Being a continuous improvement organization, we are always looking for ways to think differently, evolve, push the envelope, and put people where they might bring us even more success.  Our principals are an incredible team and all of them will stay on this team as we look at things differently.  We have closely examined our principals' experience, leadership styles, and skills in an effort to maximize the"Unity" in our Unified school district.  How can we take our K-12 focus to the next level?  I could go on forever, but will share our "press release" with you below. 

Friday February 2, 2018

Announcing the 2018-2019 PUSD Administrative Remodel

PUSD is currently in a position of thriving from an academic, cultural and budgetary standpoint, at least in terms of thriving in Arizona.  Four years ago, we closed two schools, moved many teachers, shuffled administrators, shifted philosophy and much more.  Because of the hard work, teamwork and dedication of our instructional leaders, directors, staff, families and community,  these changes made substantial positive impact on our Prescott community, students and families.  

Nonetheless, we are a continuous improvement organization from our Governing Board to administration, staff, students, families and our unbelievably supportive community.  We believe that a continuous improvement organization is constantly reflecting on how things are working.  We are always looking for ways to go from good to great.  This sometimes includes bold moves to enhance positive change.

We use the word remodel because it means to “change the structure or form of something.”  Similar to a home or kitchen remodel that many of us may have experienced, organizations often think from a “what if” perspective.  “What if we moved this over there?”  We look for ways to make our homes more efficient.  Then we enter a process of transitioning and moving things around with the hope that our new vision is even better than what we were doing before.

In PUSD, we took a look at the great strides that we have taken since our school closures and restructures.  Our principals have lead great change in a very positive direction.  Now, we are going to remodel that leadership and place different leaders and their leadership styles where we think they can affect the next steps of positive change toward the future of Prescott.  The following Prescott administrators are all working very closely with each other and our school staffs to move toward this remodeling of leadership in PUSD.  To achieve the goals described above, the following changes will occur:

Stephanie Hillig, current Prescott HIgh School Principal will be Abia Judd Elementary Principal


Mark Goligoski, current Mile High Middle School Principal will be the Prescott High School Principal

Clark Tenney, current Abia Judd Elementary Principal will be Prescott High School Assistant Principal


Andy Binder, current  Mile High Middle School Assistant Principal will be the Mile High Middle School Principal

Amy Buettner, current Prescott High School Assistant Principal will be the Mile High Middle School Assistant Principal


 If you have questions, our doors are always open. We have made these decisions very early in order to make for smooth transition. All of our principals will keep their primary focus on their current positions and schools until the new school year begins, July 1, 2018. Contact us at for more information.