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Talk & Workshop on Immigrant Organizing for Human Rights

17 November 2009   Mary Lin

Prescott College Presents Talk, Workshop on Immigrant Organizing for Human Rights.

jallenThe Prescott College Master of Arts Program (MAP) Colloquia are offered four times a year. This colloquium features presentations by dozens of currently enrolled graduate students, advisors, and faculty across the MAP’s five program Areas: Education, Counseling & Psychology, Adventure Education, Humanities, and Environmental Studies. Many of the programs are open to the public as noted in the online schedule.

Saturday Night Keynote: November 21, 2009 5:30 – 7:00 pm Crossroads Center Community Room
From the Border to the Halls of Congress: Immigrant Organizing for Human Rights in Arizona

In spite of -- and because of -- the intensive, anti-immigrant climate in Arizona and harsh enforcement policies on the US-Mexico border, immigrant families and border communities in Arizona are taking bold steps to get organized. These groups advocate for regional and national policy change that promotes reforming our failed immigration system and basic human rights. Border Action Network's all-volunteer Human Rights Committees and other members are looked to as a model of effective community organizing which can bring the voices, realities and demands of low-income immigrant and border communities directly to the negotiating tables in Washington, DC.

Jennifer Allen, the founding Executive Director of Border Action Network, will discuss the state and national political climate for immigrant families, how communities have organized themselves to become effective policy advocates, and the prospects for changing immigration and border policy.

Sunday Morning Keynote Workshop: November 22, 2009 10:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. Crossroads Center Community Room
Building the Case for Reforming Immigration: How to Talk about Reforming Immigration and the US-Mexico Border

Immigration could likely be added to the list of things we're not supposed to talk about, along with sex, religion, and politics. One side relies on stats and studies; the other side plays on fear. The general agreement from all sides of the issue is that current US immigration and border policy has been a failure. This workshop is for people who want to be better able to articulate why we need to reform immigration and border policy. and what a rational, humane policy would look like. We will look at examples of positive and negative messaging on immigration and enforcement and practice responding to common questions and concerns.

Biography – Jennifer Allen
Jennifer Allen is the founding Executive Director of the Border Action Network, a human rights community organization that works with immigrant and border communities in Arizona. For the last ten years, Jennifer has been working for Border Action to build the capacity of immigrant families to become better prepared, organized and effective at promoting human rights and advocating for policy change. Since the age of 15, Jennifer has been an activist and community organizer working for social and environmental justice. She received a BA in Anthropology and Certificate in Social Change from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1995. She has written and contributed to dozens of reports, essays, and other publications, including a forthcoming undergraduate reader on human rights. She has been on the board of directors and advisory boards of many state and national projects and organizations and is a frequent speaker at national conferences.


Directions: From I-17 southbound: HWY 169 to right on 69. Follow 69 into Prescott. From I-17 northbound: HWY 69 into Prescott. HWY 69 becomes Gurley St. Continue past Courthouse square and turn right on Grove Ave (a few lights down). Take a left at Western Ave and immediate right onto alley. Parking is to the left and right off the alley. The Crossroads Center will be on almost immediately on your left.

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