Today: Sep 21 , 2018

Weather Dry and Breezy

High pressure will keep it dry and breezy this week.

A wetter-than-normal winter could be in store for the Prescott area.

Monsoons Aren't Over Yet

It’s been a productive monsoon season.

Hot Weather to Start Week

Whew! Hot!

Whipstone Farms: Change in Weather

So much goes on in a week.  Does everybody feel this way or is it just the craziness around here?

Very Active Monsoon Period

The atmosphere is currently very moist.

Possible Monsoon Rain This Weekend!

We might get some rain this weekend! WooHoo!

Monsoon rains are starting a bit early, but we’ll take it!

Will the Monsoon Show Up This Week?

Is rain on the way? 

Warm, Dry Weather This Week in the Forecast

Expect warm temperatures this coming week, with no rain in sight, according to the National Weather Service.

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