Today: Jul 09 , 2020

Sunny, Dry, Breezy and Slightly Cooler

12 May 2020   Dr. Mark Sinclair, Ph.D.

Continuing sunny, dry and breezy and slightly cooler this week as a drier westerly flow pushes across northern Arizona.

Forecast table:

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Weather Forecast:

Continuing sunny and dry, with highs cooling from the low 80s today, down to the mid-70s on Wednesday and Thursday. Afternoons will be breezy, with winds gusting to around 25 kt most afternoons. As drier air returns, it will feel quite a bit cooler than the last couple of days. This is a good time to get some outdoor work done before the summer heat. Overnight lows may dip briefly into the 30s in sheltered places, especially Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. A warming trend is expected for next weekend.

Additional notes for the weather nuts out there:

Late spring always features windy afternoons in the desert southwest. This is because the lowest 10,000 feet or so of the atmosphere is typically very turbulent in the afternoon due to strong solar heating. Winds generally increase with altitude in the troposphere (the layer of the atmosphere below about 35,000 ft). Since turbulence is a mixing process, these stronger winds aloft (higher up) are mixed down to the surface each afternoon. Not until mid-summer do winds aloft weaken as the southwest becomes more dominated by high pressure and weaker air flow aloft. By mid-summer, many strong wind episodes are instead associated with localized outflows from thunderstorms.

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