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Gilmore Adventure Race Donates to Kiwanis

Prescott's Venturing Crew 1 hosts the Gilmore Adventure Race every September as a way to fund their high adventure activities.
"In an effort to continue forward with our common goal of growing a strong, vibrant city during these challenging economic times, I have implemented a few organizational changes," announced Prescott City Manager, Steve Norwood.
(Updated) If you received an "I Voted" sticker today, you certainly earned it! Lines were long - hours long for most, as a better-than-expected voter turnout came to mark their ballots.
Prescott Area homeless people were treated to a special breakfast Saturday morning at the Open Door mission on Gurley Street.
(Includes photo gallery) She has been the Preservation Specialist for the City of Prescott since 1990 and Nancy Burgess has access to the resources for developing the story of unique places.
For centuries, Law Enforcement has been a career that included generations of families. It was often common to hear statements like “I am a police officer, as was my father and his father before him.”