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Election Recap & Interesting Tidbits

10 November 2017  
Greg Mengarelli is officially the Mayor-elect of Prescott, Arizona.

Elections sometimes bring out tidbits of information about a lot of different things. 

For example, the top two vote-getters in the Prescott council election are Alexa Scholl and Phil Goode. Right now, they’re separated by only about 70 votes, give or take a couple. Tuesday night, Goode was in the lead, but in the latest count, Scholl has moved to the front of the pack.  


And by the way, how dedicated is this 20-year-old young lady to her new position on City Council? Scholl shared that she has rearranged her schedule for next semester so that all her Arizona State University classes are online and she will stay in Prescott full time. 

Joe Viccica, although he didn’t win, said he was glad to have passed the 7K vote mark. "We ran a really great campaign, and I’m so proud of everything we did. We met a lot of great people and we put together a coalition of people from all walks of life. I’m sure that everybody’s going to still be engaged and I encourage everyone to stay engaged in local politics, and make sure that Prescott stays the great place it’s always been. I’m definitely going to be civically involved.”  

Mayor-elect Greg Mengarelli, also shared how his role with the Prescott Unified School District will potentially change. He also briefly spoke of future goals regarding economic development, the airport and Prop 443. 

It’s obvious that his wife is ready to support his efforts in this new challenge: 


Mayor Oberg spoke before the votes were in, and he made this comment: 

“I’m looking forward to them carrying on a lot of things that have been started with the airport, with economic development, and also with getting a hotel downtown." 

Hmmm… A hotel downtown? Stay tuned.

In speaking with Mayor Oberg after the votes were announced, a few more interesting tidbits were hinted at, including plans for a new airport terminal and, “I continue to want to serve Prescott in any capacity I can, and looking forward to maybe another elective office.” 


Phil Goode indicated that he plans to continue serving on the Hospital Board even as he serves on the Prescott City Council. He, like Mengarelli, both have pledged to focus on Prop 443 revenue and ensuring that the Public Safety Personnel Retirement Debt of $80M +/- is paid down as soon as possible.   

Both Oberg and Goode spoke about the Deep Well Ranch development and outstanding issues that still need to be resolved.  

The election night festivities held at the Palace Restaurant and Saloon are typically noisy, yet jubilant events. If you were unable to attend, you can catch a glimpse here of the evening: 


PS Here’s what seems to have become a new tradition in the making - the obligatory Greg and Drew pic :) 




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