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Free 'Celebrate America' Production at Courthouse Right After Parade

30 June 2017   Pete Walter

Does Prescott’s 4th of July Parade leave you feeling patriotic and oh-so-American? Don’t let that feeling get away - right after the parade head over to the north steps of the Courthouse for a musical extravaganza.

Since the 1970s, The Potter's House Christian Fellowship Church has been performing on the Courthouse Plaza in Downtown Prescott, AZ immediately after the July 4th "Rodeo Day Parade". The offerings varied until about 1997 when it became a full blown patriotic event with Country Music, Patriotic songs, Uncle Sam on Stilts handing out The Stars and Stripes to young attendees with a fine, often historical, narration and a show of force by veterans of our Armed Forces along with well trained re-enactors representing all branches in Full dress uniform carrying the flags of their respective service. 

This was soon accompanied by a full Honor Detail with six US Marines bearing a flag draped casket to Honor those who had given the ultimate sacrifice. Around 2006 we added a seven man Marine Rifle Detail to give a Twenty One Gun Salute. Truth be told this detail went by the wayside as our M1 Garand rifles misfired more often than not. 

Around 2009 The Warriors were added to represent every major war and conflict our men, and now women, had been involved in. Great pains are taken to build authentic battle garb and gear. Every item had to be dated while we were in the conflict. From WW1 to date all weapons, uniforms and gear are essentially authentic. Our Revolutionary uniform is a Colonial Officers uniform crafted in 1876 to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the revolution. It is now 141 years old! The WW1 uniform is from 1918. The War on Terror Warrior is in full battle gear with state of the art accessories.

This event has been attended by many local and state luminaries such as Governor Jan Brewer and Senator John McCain. Crowds have been in the thousand plus range but we are currently being pressed for space as the PDP now chooses to rent out the areas adjacent to our performance venue at the Bucky O'neill statue. This takes away much, if not all of the grassy area for the many people who come from out of town and state to be a part of the festivities. We have been told by travelers that they have never seen a more blatantly pro-America, pro-US military, Pro-God presentation anywhere. We have often had the older veterans from WW2, Korea and Vietnam come to us with tears in their eyes to thank us for remembering their sacrifices.

Now in our 20th year as a full presentation, it is called "Celebrate America" and currently features our branch flag bearers and the Warriors along with the tremendously well thought out narration by local writer and actor Louis Paulino and , of course... Uncle Sam still on stilts.

You will not want to miss this while America is still allowed to express their patriotism and faith in God openly on the Courthouse Plaza.

Saturday, June 30th, immediately after the last parade pooper scooper crosses Gurley street heading north! See you at Bucky's Monument!

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